The municipality has binding electricity contracts from until the turn of the year.

After that, a flexible contract awaits and probably significantly higher electricity prices.

Therefore, it will be darker in the municipality of Kil in the future.

Every third lamp will be extinguished in all street lighting, except at intersections, at bus stops or pedestrian crossings where all lamps may remain on.

- The purpose is not primarily to save money, but to pull our weight.

We all need to reduce energy consumption, as reduced demand can lower prices.

says Anders Johansson (S), chairman of the municipal board.

10-year plan for switching to LED lights

The largest part of the street lamps in the municipality of Kil are still ordinary low-energy lamps.

Work is underway to replace all street lighting with LED lights, but it will be some time before that work is completed.

- We have started, but the work is based on a 10-year plan, so there is a lot left, notes Anders Johansson.

In addition to lamps in special places that need to be illuminated, the lamps that have been replaced with LEDs will also continue to be lit.

It is about lights at thoroughfares, the industrial area and some footpaths and cycle paths.

On other streets and footpaths and cycle paths, the lighting is switched off according to the principle every third lamp.