While China is significantly easing its quarantine measures related to Corona 19, it has announced that it will not conduct Corona 19 PCR tests on imported goods from the 8th of next month.

The General Administration of Customs, China's customs authority, announced that it would abolish port COVID-19 PCR tests for all refrigerated imported food and non-refrigerated imported goods from January 8 next year.

This is a measure following the transition from 'A' to 'B', China's highest infectious disease management rating for Corona 19, from the 8th of next month.

From this day, post-entry PCR testing and mandatory quarantine will also be abolished for all arrivals.

Earlier, the Chinese government mentioned the possibility that Corona 19 may have entered China at the end of 2019 through refrigerated distribution products from overseas, and has been conducting corona tests on imported goods.

This year, some Chinese local governments raised the possibility of virus inflow through Korean imported clothing about the outbreak of Corona 19 infected in their jurisdiction, and bought a backlash from the Korean side.