China News Service, December 29th, a comprehensive report. On the afternoon of the 29th local time, a cargo truck collided with a bus on an expressway near Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and caused a fire in the tunnel, killing at least five people. , 37 people were injured.

  According to Yonhap News Agency, the fire broke out at 1:49 pm local time in a soundproof tunnel on the expressway connecting the western port cities of Incheon and Seongnam.

  Searchers found five dead at the scene.

In addition, three people were seriously injured and 34 people were slightly injured due to smoke inhalation.

  Preliminary investigations indicated that a bus and a van caught fire after a collision.

The fire is estimated to have spread rapidly as the truck drove into the soundproof tunnel.

Earlier video footage showed thick black smoke billowing from the tunnel.

The fire department determined there were 44 vehicles in the tunnel at the time of the fire.

  About 50 fire trucks, 140 firefighters and helicopters were sent to the scene to fight the fire.

The fire department completely extinguished the fire at 4:12 pm, about two hours after the fire broke out, and additional search and rescue personnel are currently being added.

  Authorities plan to determine the exact cause of the fire as soon as it is brought under control.