The son went to wash his hands, and he drowned in a water hole, and his father followed him

A lunch trip for an Emirati family ends with the death of the father and his child

  • Sultan and child Muhammad drowned in a water hole.

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  • Rescuers searching for a father and son.

    Emirates today


A family trip for an Emirati family turned into a tragedy, after the citizen Sultan Marzouq Al-Shehhi accompanied his family of five to Wadi Shahah to enjoy the rainy weather and have lunch on the Jebel Jais road, but a deep hole on the side of the road filled with rainwater ended their journey after the fall of the child Muhammad Sultan Al-Shehhi was inside it while trying to wash his hands in the water after eating lunch, and his father followed him in an attempt to save him, but he fell into the hole and they both died by drowning.

Suleiman Al-Shehhi, the deceased's brother, told Emirates Today: "On the night of the incident, I was talking to my brother Sultan on the phone, and he told me that he was going with his family consisting of his wife and four children (two girls and two boys) to have lunch in Wadi Shahah, to enjoy the rainy weather in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah." .

He explained that his brother took his family from their home in the Shaam area and went to Wadi Sheha, where rainwater flows, being a mountainous area and close to Jebel Jais, and upon their arrival they chose a place they thought was safe to eat lunch.

He added that after they had lunch, his 13-year-old son, Muhammad, went to wash his hands in the rainwater near them, given that it was surface water and not deep, being in the wilderness area, pointing out that upon his arrival, he fell into a deep hole and his mother saw him and started screaming and followed him. His father Sultan, 39 years old, tried to save him, but he fell into the same hole that was deep enough to drown whoever fell into it.

He pointed out that his brother's wife contacted them and informed them of the incident, as he went to the place, and the competent authorities were carrying out their work in searching for his brother and son, and they were recovered in the event of death, following up that the main reason for the drowning of the child and his father was that the child thought that the hole was small, but it turned out to be large. And deep, and the place is free of any protection or barriers to prevent people from falling.

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