And if we ended this year with an unusual wink to clear our minds?

Prince Louis and Queen Elizabeth II, Cara Delevinge at the Met Gala, hilarious Kylian Mbappé, Roger Federer's tears, or Joe Biden's fall on a bike... the year 2022 has been dotted with unusual, cute, or completely “what the fuck”!

Here is a return, in pictures, to the news of the year with an offbeat look.

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  • January 1st, we start the year with a magnificent Eiffel Tower lit up in the colors of the European Union, to celebrate the start of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU for 6 months.

    Not necessarily a gift given the events to come...

  • Undaunted, the "Naked Boy" continues to sing in a snowstorm in Times Square, New York City.

    In part of the United States, the beginning of the year feels a bit like the end of the world!

  • Winter Olympics and the contrast in Beijing!

    Sliding sports in the middle of an old industrial zone where there is no snow… it gives beautiful images!

  • Yes, this gentleman is Vladimir Putin's main support in his crusade in Ukraine!

    The dog doesn't seem to agree.

  • Come on… let's change our minds and follow Cara Delevingne in the evening for the Met Gala!

  • And that makes Kylian Mbappé laugh a lot!

    (Much less Real Madrid supporters).

  • Cannes Film Festival, its stars, its parties, its glitter, and Alessandra Ambrosio doing her yoga on the beach!

  • Cannes always… Cara Delevingne, act II.

  • One of the cutest images of the year!

    Prince Louis and Queen Elizabeth II watch the parade on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, 70 years of reign, on June 2.

  • Rest assured, the man who leads the most powerful army in the world drives it differently than his bike!

    Finally, we hope...

  • American Anita Alvarez is rescued by her coach Andrea Fuentes after losing consciousness during the Artistic Swimming World Championships in Budapest.

    A strong image!

  • Communicative joy among the English European football champions, at home, in London, on July 31!

  • Communicative sadness in the two corgis of Queen Elizabeth II, the day of her funeral, September 19.

  • We remain in tears with the emotion of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, after the last match of the Swiss career!

  • Bella Hadid doesn't necessarily have a smile but takes part in the most astonishing performance of Paris fashion week in September.

  • This picture is here just because it's pretty.

    Autumn in Baker Lake, Quebec.  


  • Yes, this man has just bought the social network Twitter!

    And he looks happy.

  • Contrast and organization of sporting event, act II.

  • The France team makes its supporters dream during the World Cup in Qatar but the end is painful...

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