The takeaway boy queuing up to donate blood is a warm sun in this cold winter

  Since December, with the increase in the number of infected people due to the epidemic, the drop in temperature, and the arrival of the off-season for blood collection in winter, many places have encountered a decrease in blood donors and a "blood shortage" in blood centers.

A few days ago, a reporter from the "Beijing News" saw during an interview at a blood collection point on the streets of Beijing that many takeaway boys were queuing up to donate blood. When some netizens forwarded this news, they wrote such sentences emotionally—"Tears! Takeaway The younger brother formed a group to donate blood, they are the running blood of this city."

  Under the superposition of multiple factors, "blood shortage" has occurred in some places, which is a huge hidden danger for some critically ill patients, patients with malignant tumors and blood diseases, as well as pregnant women. As the main service population of blood banks, the key Blood is urgently needed at all times to sustain and prolong life.

To ensure a stable demand for medical blood is to keep the lifeline for the masses.

  It is touching that a large number of takeaway boys appeared among the people who took the initiative to walk into the blood collection station.

On weekdays, they ride around the streets and alleys of the city, bringing the convenience of life to thousands of families. Now, they stop running and contribute their own efforts to help the city tide over the difficulties.

At the moment when they rolled up their sleeves, most of them didn't think too much, "I hope to help others through blood donation" and "I want this city to survive the most difficult days"-what a simple wish and motivation.

  In fact, more and more delivery boys are using their actual actions to interpret their sincerity and simplicity, and to express their kindness and love.

"The takeaway brother encountered a fire on his way, and went against the road to fight the fire to save people" "The takeaway boy abandoned his car and ran to save the woman who committed suicide by jumping off the bridge" "The courier jumped into the river to save the boy who fell into the water"... They are doing their jobs well At the same time, it is also doing its part to contribute to urban construction and social governance, and to win more social recognition for the industry.

  Some netizens expressed their distress for the takeaway boys who stepped forward at the critical moment, and hoped that they would be less hard and tired.

Indeed, in the face of the good deeds of this group, empathy after being moved is indispensable, but these alone may not be enough.

Stronger protection of rights and interests, clearer institutional care, more normalized acceptance and tolerance, support and understanding, etc., should all be reflected in reality as soon as possible.

  In a hurry, the delivery boys are on the road to make a living. They have paid a lot for a city.

Thanks to their efforts, urban life has become better. Correspondingly, the city should also show great love to them and let them feel enough kindness and warmth.

  Such "two-way travel" has become a reality in many places.

For example, trade unions in many places have built "love stations" for takeaway boys, providing them with rest places, etc.; some places have tried to provide periodical subsidies for takeaway boys during special periods; some takeaway boys have been awarded professional titles , career development is more promising; many people are less urging, more patient, less harsh, and more tolerant when waiting for takeaways and express deliveries...

  In a huge city, express delivery and takeaway are both a profession and a responsibility.

Behind the courier brother and the takeaway rider are a family of young and old, and thousands of lights.

In the face of those bravely outstretched arms, after we are moved, we should take concrete actions to solve their difficulties and send them love and peace of mind.

(Worker's Daily Author: Le Qun)