Prime Minister Kishida will replace Minister of Reconstruction Akiba, who has clarified problems over political funds, on the afternoon of the 27th.

We plan to immediately decide on a successor and appoint him within the 27th.

Regarding Reconstruction Minister Akiba, Prime Minister Kishida has already informed the ruling party executives that he will replace him, saying that he wants to avoid any further influence on the management of the administration and parliamentary deliberations.

In response, Minister Akiba is expected to visit the Prime Minister's official residence and submit a letter of resignation to Prime Minister Kishida.

It is considered to be a de facto dismissal, and the resignation of a minister in the Kishida Cabinet will be the fourth since October.

On the morning of the 27th, Prime Minister Kishida said at the Reconstruction Promotion Conference held at the Prime Minister's official residence, which was also attended by Minister Akiba, "There will be no revitalization of Japan without the reconstruction of Tohoku. With this strong determination, all Cabinet members will continue to serve as Reconstruction Ministers." I would like you to work on the reconstruction of the disaster area with the intention that it is."

Upon receiving Minister Akiba's resignation letter, Prime Minister Kishida plans to immediately decide on a successor and appoint him within the 27th. .

However, the opposition party plans to pursue Prime Minister Kishida's responsibility for appointing Prime Minister Kishida, saying that the resignation of the four ministers is worthy of the Cabinet's en masse resignation, and is likely to be forced to manage the government even more severely.

Reconstruction Minister Akiba ``I did not violate the law about myself''

Reconstruction Minister Akiba said at a press conference, "I can't comment on personnel matters because it's not my decision. In the end, it's up to Prime Minister Kishida to decide. In any case, we will continue to support the local community by advocating a local and hands-on approach. I would like to continue," he said.

On the other hand, regarding his own progress and retreat, he said, ``The most important thing is how to move forward with reconstruction, and we will consider it comprehensively based on that premise. I have submitted all the documents that should be submitted so far and have explained them carefully, but at least I have not violated any laws regarding myself."