Boxing Day's icy conditions remained in several parts of the country during Tuesday morning and caused accidents in several places.

Among other things, two trucks collided on the E20 at Kumla outside Örebro, which caused major traffic problems.

Two trucks were also, independently of each other, involved in accidents due to slipping on national highway 55 south of Strångsjö in Katrineholm municipality.

On the outskirts of Filipstad in Värmland, a wheel loader ended up in a ditch when the driver was trying to fight a skid on the road.

No people are said to have been injured in the accidents.

Several yellow warnings

SMHI has issued yellow warnings for snowfall in large parts of western Götaland and inner Götaland.

The snowfall can, among other things, mean slower traffic due to slippage, slush and poor visibility as well as limited access on roads that have not had time to clear snow, SMHI writes on its website.

- We are getting a precipitation area that will initially fall in the form of rain, but quite soon afterwards turn into snow, says Alexandra Ohlsson, meteorologist at SMHI.

In several parts of the country, the temperature will be around zero.

- It is precisely when commuting around zero that you have to pay extra attention, says SVT's meteorologist Nitzan Cohen.

Gale at sea

The largest amounts of snow are expected in the Halland region.

- You can count on traffic to be difficult in connection with the rainfall.

SMHI has also issued a yellow warning for wind in combination with snowfall on Kalffjällen in large parts of the Jämtlandsfjällen.

It applies from Tuesday evening to Wednesday night.

At sea, there are yellow weather warnings issued from the south to the north of the Baltic Sea.