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(news broadcast): Over the past few days, various localities have adopted various measures to expand production capacity, scientifically coordinate, and make every effort to ensure the production and market supply of key medical materials.

  In the face of the current epidemic situation, the market demand for various antipyretic and antiviral drugs is gradually increasing. Government departments at all levels in Jiangsu Province have dispatched supply guarantee teams to anti-epidemic material production enterprises to provide raw material guarantee, logistics and transportation coordination and other services. It is located in Siyang The company that produces antipyretic and analgesic drugs in the county is running at full capacity to speed up production.

Liu Liangzhou, production director of a pharmaceutical company in Jiangsu

: The output has increased from 500,000 pills per day to 1 million pills per day in continuous production.

  The drug regulatory department of Hebei Province has set up a special working class to supervise the whole process of drug production, open green channels for pharmaceutical companies to expand production capacity, and do their best to ensure the market supply of cough, antipyretic, and antiviral drugs.

Liu Ying, Director of the Chemical Drug Production Supervision Division of the Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration

: Follow-up review when you arrive, quick review and quick approval, the whole process is handled online, and "zero running" processing.

In recent days, our bureau has successively helped 14 manufacturing enterprises to expand production and increase capacity.

  Focusing on the shortage of materials such as antigens, antipyretics, and N95 masks, Chongqing City urged e-commerce platforms to strengthen the deployment of materials across the country to ensure citizens' independent purchase of medicines.

Luo Jiewen, person in charge of the drug distribution site

: We have now arranged a 24-hour shift and invested three times the manpower to ensure the delivery of the current drug orders.

For some people's livelihood protection projects coordinated by the government, as well as emergency medicines and some anti-epidemic materials, we have special personnel to follow up and complete the shelves as soon as they arrive.

  The reporter learned from the special class of emergency support for medical supplies in Beijing that through a series of measures, the pressure on Beijing to ensure citizens' medication has been eased.

Gu Qinglong, deputy director of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics

: The antipyretic drugs that the common people are more concerned about are formulated by the Beijing Municipal Government.

Our hospital must have sufficient volume for patients to use.

  In accordance with the requirements of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, all localities have further strengthened the production scheduling of key medical supplies such as drugs, vaccines, antigen detection reagents, and medical devices.

At present, the State Food and Drug Administration has approved 42 new coronavirus antigen detection reagent products, and included all antigen detection reagent manufacturers in the white list to give priority protection.

At the same time, my country has built the world's largest new crown vaccine production line, with an annual production capacity of more than 7 billion doses, which can meet the needs of the current epidemic prevention and control situation.