Ruler of Sharjah approves the emirate's general budget of (32,240) billion dirhams for the year 2023

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, has approved the emirate's general budget, with total expenditures amounting to about (32.2) billion dirhams. It aims to achieve financial sustainability and enhance the emirate's economic competitiveness.

The new budget was based on strengthening the financial foundations that enhance economic competitiveness, cultural, scientific and tourism leadership, and government capabilities in facing global and regional challenges faced by global economies, including inflation, high interest rates and economic stagnation, which is certainly reflected in all countries.

The new budget, with its objectives and methodology, works to use and develop the best means and technologies that stimulate the economy, development, and financial sustainability, as well as the growing interest in national human resources and energies, and to enhance their role in construction and sustainable development, which this budget seeks to achieve during the fiscal year 2023.

The budget also works to control and rationalize spending in areas that may not add value to the competitiveness and financial sustainability index, with the aim of stimulating the efficiency of government spending management by government agencies in Sharjah. Therefore, expenditures have decreased by (12%) from the 2022 budget, but without affecting the most important areas, including employment, economic and social development.

His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, affirmed that the budget of the Sharjah government for the year 2023, which was approved by His Highness Sheikh Dr. sustainable development, in addition to qualitative development in government services, as it included all fields and sectors.

His Highness said that the new year's budget comes to continue the process of development, construction, progress and prosperity. What has been achieved over the past years is great and distinguished, and what is happening today with the new budget is to achieve qualitative additions that integrate with the previous one, and build on it and add to it, reflecting His Highness's comprehensive and diversified project.

His Highness the Deputy Ruler of Sharjah indicated that the budget for the new year of the Sharjah government comes, as usual, taking into account all social, health, educational, knowledge, cultural and media services, infrastructure, investment and tourism. .

His Highness added: The budget took into account the importance of the interest of the citizen, resident, investor, visitor and tourist, and this was evident through service projects, infrastructure, and human advancement in the areas of health, social, educational and cultural development.

His Highness expressed his thanks, appreciation and gratitude to His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah, stressing his keenness to adhere to his directives, vision and aspirations for more major and ambitious projects that always focus on caring for people, the environment, culture, tourism and everything that contributes to the advancement of people, their value and awareness.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al Qasimi, Head of the Central Finance Department, indicated that the general budget of the Emirate has adopted many strategic and financial goals and priorities that reflect the lofty directives of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and his comprehensive and renewed vision, as well as the directives of the Executive Council and the strategic vision of the Central Finance Department, which works to achieve the highest levels Financial sustainability and efficient management of government financial resources, enhancing the Emirate's competitiveness in various economic, social and infrastructure fields, and supporting the capabilities of government agencies in providing government services according to indicators set by the performance budget applied in the Government of Sharjah.

It contributes to strengthening strategic partnerships with the private sector and providing incentive packages that ensure that they continue to advance the growth, development and development of the Emirate, and develop techniques for financing the general budget in search of the best financing opportunities available internally and externally to ensure the financial sustainability of the government.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al Qasimi said: The general budget for the year 2023 is a budget with two dimensions, which are a dimension of economic and social development and infrastructure, and the other dimension is strategic, represented in developing and strengthening the financial sustainability of the government, as it adopted strategic priorities in the field of stimulating the emirate’s economy by granting discounts and reconsidering In many service fees to reduce the cost of business for dealers and investors.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al Qasimi said: The budget enhances the emirate's strategic direction in developing infrastructure in vital facilities and areas, preserving the environment and public health, and expanding the role of tourism in the emirate through tourism and service projects that were supervised by His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah. Active in tourism, scientific and cultural attractions, laying the foundations for a promising investment environment, developing areas of investment in human resources and increasing employment opportunities, which is one of the strategic priorities of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah. He works hard to support government agencies financially and provide all necessary financing requirements to enhance their capabilities in implementing their strategic and operational initiatives and projects. .

For his part, Walid Al-Sayegh, Director General of the Central Finance Department in Sharjah, confirmed that the Sharjah government, through the general budget, took into account the global challenges that affect various economic and financial fields, and it works with two dimensions that achieve financial sustainability and enhance economic competitiveness, in addition to working to provide social requirements and needs And employment and enhance the government's capabilities in building and developing the emirate's infrastructure, as the process of implementing capital projects and initiatives continues.

He said that the process of preparing the budget took place in the light of a long-term financial plan for the government, in addition to linking the emirate's general budget to many economic and social indicators, including increasing the level of development and improvement of the emirate's infrastructure, increasing economic competitiveness, and strengthening the role of the private sector through strategic partnerships to ensure that it continues to contribute to the process. Economic development, and the budget also works to provide social support and provide job opportunities and adequate housing for families to enjoy stability, reassurance and family solidarity, which His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah always emphasizes.

Al-Sayegh also referred to the diversification of budget funding sources to ensure the financial sustainability of projects and initiatives that His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah directs to implement in various economic, social, tourism, scientific and infrastructure sectors in a professional manner and in accordance with the best international standards and practices.

The Director General of the Central Finance Department stated that the general budget decreased by (12%) compared to the 2022 budget, and the budget for capital projects in 2023 constitutes (14%) of the general budget, while salaries and wages constituted (28%), and with regard to operating expenses, it has It constituted (30%), with a decrease of (4%) compared to the 2022 budget.

As for the support and aid budget, it constituted about (13%) of the general budget and achieved an increase of (5%) compared to the 2022 budget, while the budget for loan payments and interest accounted for (13%) of the total general budget for the year 2023, with an increase of (65%) from The 2022 budget, which enhances the government's ability and financial solvency to pay all its obligations.

Al-Sayegh said: In order to enable the government to achieve its strategic and operational objectives and initiatives, the Central Finance Department has worked to enhance the stability and financial sustainability of the government and work to enhance the efficiency of controlling government spending while working to meet the requirements of government agencies and improve their ability to meet development requirements and develop the level of rationalization of government spending.

The process of classifying the budget on the basis of economic sectors is one of the most important tools that reflect the strategic direction of the government. The infrastructure sector ranked first among the sectors of the general budget, constituting 35% of the total general budget for the year 2023. This reflects the exceptional interest of the government in developing infrastructure. For the Emirate as the main pillar of the development and sustainability process and attracting foreign and local investments in all vital sectors.

The economic development sector comes in the second rank in relative importance, with about (34%) of the total general budget for the year 2023, with an increase of (1%) over the 2022 budget. As for the social development sector, it came in the third place, as it constituted about (23%) of the total general budget. For the year 2023, in order to provide the best services, support and assistance to citizens and residents in the emirate, while the government administration, security and safety sector accounted for about (8%) of the total general budget for the year 2023.

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