Elisabeth Assayag SEASON 2022 - 2023 2:37 p.m., December 26, 2022

In “France moves”, Aurélien Fleurot makes a tour of France of positive and innovative initiatives.

Work, education, health… They work in the four corners of the country to move the lines and break the codes: who are these citizens, these companies, these communities that are committed and inventing the world of tomorrow?

Portraits and inspiring testimonials.


Géraldine Hottier -


, President of Maison Degrenne 

Chantal Renaud

, founder of Macéo Paris, thermal plates

Titaïna Bodin

, co-founder of OGRE La Fabrique, which brings porcelain up to date

Perrine Motte

, co-founder of Bini Kit, reusable and ingenious cutlery