Not long ago, the Qatar World Cup final ended with Argentina winning after a close match that went to a penalty shootout.

Argentine fans responded to the French fans' petition for a rematch, saying the final result was unacceptable.

On the 23rd local time, Argentine soccer fans posted a petition titled 'France Stop Whining' on a petition site.

It is about acknowledging Argentina's victory at the World Cup in Qatar. The petition's goal of receiving 300,000 signatures was achieved in one day, and the target has now been raised to 1 million.

Argentinian fans raised their voices to show that we can beat France not only in the World Cup, but also in the signing campaign, referring to the fact that French fans are petitioning for a rematch.

Earlier, French fans launched a petition demanding that Messi's goal in extra time in the World Cup final be revoked for a violation of the rules, with more than 200,000 signatures.

(Photo source: Change.ORG, Mess Opinions)