The prosecution recently notified Democratic Party representative Lee Jae-myeong to come for an investigation on the 28th, next Wednesday.

In response, CEO Lee Jae-myeong revealed the schedule to go to Gwangju on the 28th, indicating that he would not respond to the prosecution's summons.

Reporter Han Seong-hee will tell you about this.


Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party leader, criticized the prosecution's investigation toward himself with a fierce expression of "a crazy sword dance."

I posted my next destination and schedule on social media last night (23rd) after completing the schedule to visit Gyeongbuk and Gangwon.

He announced that he would stay in Gwangju until the morning of the 28th, when the prosecutors notified him of the summons, with a schedule to visit Yeosu, Jangheung, and Gwangju in South Jeolla Province for two days from the 27th.

On the 28th, a plenary session of the National Assembly to process the sunset bill is also scheduled, so it is interpreted that there is no intention to attend on the day.

Regarding Lee, who criticized the prosecution's investigation as oppression of the opposition, Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon dismissed it as "it is common for politicians under investigation to make excessive and exaggerated remarks."

[Han Dong-hoon / Minister of Justice: Like many people in general, this is a problem that needs to be dealt with within the judicial

system of this country, and I think it is the law of this country that must be done.]

I will come back confidently, so what are you afraid of?”

[An Gwi-ryeong/Deputy Deputy Spokesperson of the Democratic Party: Why does the prosecution only put forward the position that it is difficult to summon the two people even though they have secured strong physical evidence such as circumstantial evidence and transcripts?

Are they different from the general public?]

It is said that the opinion that the atmosphere within the Democratic Party should also not respond to the summons is now more dominant.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-seong, Video editing: Kim Jin-won, CG: Lim Chan-hyeok·Jegal-chan)