There are growing calls within the government and ruling parties that Reconstruction Minister Akiba, whose problems over political funds have become clear, should be replaced before the ordinary session of the Diet is convened in January next year. It is expected that adjustments will be made.

At the recent extraordinary session of the Diet, three cabinet ministers resigned one after another due to issues surrounding politics and money, as well as relations with the former Unification Church.

Opposition parties have called for Minister Akiba to be dismissed, but Prime Minister Kishida has repeatedly shown the idea that Minister Akiba himself should be accountable.

However, Kentaro Sonoura, a member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, was summarily indicted on the 22nd for violating the Political Funds Control Law. There is a view that the issue of "politics and money" will become a topic of discussion.

And there are growing calls to replace Minister Akiba before the convocation in January, as it could affect the deliberations on next year's budget bill if the ordinary session of the Diet is held under the current system. It is expected that further adjustments will be made.

Reconstruction Minister Akiba "It's not for me to decide. I can't comment."

Reconstruction Minister Akiba said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, "I can't comment because it's not my decision. Anyway, I'm just going to move forward with measures so that I can feel the reconstruction."