World Cup 2022: the Atlas Lions welcomed as heroes by thousands of Moroccans

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The players and coach of the Moroccan football team parade on the streets of Rabat on their return from the 2022 World Cup, December 20, 2022. © Mosa'ab Elshamy / AP

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The Atlas Lions returned Tuesday, December 20 to Morocco, with all the honors.

Upon their arrival, several tens of thousands greeted them in the main arteries of Rabat.

In the bus chartered for the occasion, the team placed fourth in the last World Cup toured the city to meet their supporters… before being invited to dinner by King Mohamed VI.


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With our correspondent in Rabat,

Nadia Ben Mahfoudh

An event not to be missed.

To witness

this triumphant return

, many have stopped their activities to welcome their Lions.

It's impossible to work, we are writing history

," explains a Moroccan present.

In 20 or 30 years from now, I will be a grandfather and I will tell my children and grandchildren about it, with the player bus on a Tuesday in 2022, so that is history.


For Houssine, it is impossible not to make the trip as his pride is great: " 

What is essential is to participate in this moment, to thank the players for all they have given, they have made us

dream throughout This world

, they participated in the Moroccan surge in an exceptional way, and it is pleasant



A historic track record that has made Morocco shine beyond the borders.

Something to move Samir, present on Avenue Mohamed V:


It is a great pleasure, I felt that I love these children, because they made us happy all the same, an inestimable happiness, I am very moved.

And if I didn't stop, I was going to cry, I'm happy for them, because they are the ones who did the work.


The final thanks took place at the Royal Palace: King Mohamed VI received the players, their coach and their mothers after the parade for a gala dinner.

After parading through the streets of Rabat, the players of the Moroccan football team, their coach and their mothers dined with King Mohammed VI on December 20, 2022. © Moroccan Royal Palace / via AP

The Atlas Lions received in a triumphal and royal return to Morocco

Victor Mauriat

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