He was arrested on December 13 at the Négresse tollbooth in Biarritz, during a simple routine check when he had just crossed the border between Spain and France.

But this 36-year-old Romanian was not just anyone.

Under the influence of a European arrest warrant issued on November 5 by the Danish justice system, he was wanted for human trafficking, pimping, rape and violence.

Arrested, he appeared on Tuesday before the investigating chamber of the Pau Court of Appeal, with a view to his imminent surrender to Denmark, "which he did not oppose", indicated the general prosecutor's office.

Rape and forced tattoo

He was wanted for acts committed between January and November 2022, in particular against five Romanian prostitutes, identified as victims.

This Romanian is suspected of having transported women from his country of origin to Copenhagen before exploiting them and collecting half of the sums they received when they sold their bodies.

But he wouldn't have stopped there.

He would also have forced a woman to perform oral sex, while filming the scene, which was later broadcast on a specialized site, and would have forced one of the prostitutes to tattoo her name on the young woman's back, as a sign of ownership.

The decision will be rendered on December 23, opening a period of ten days for the surrender of the person concerned to the country issuing the European arrest warrant.


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