In Sweden, the National Operative Department, NOA, was able to trace a child pornography account to an address in Norrbotten.

There, the police swooped in and went through his phone and computer.

The police found 589 child pornography images and 313 child pornography videos.

- It was discovered that there was material that the suspect appeared to have produced himself, which is the origin of the investigation, says prosecutor Jonas Fjellström.

Admits to multiple crimes

In total, the man was charged with seven counts, including aggravated rape of a child, and the trial was held on Wednesday.

The man admitted serious child pornography offenses and several of the abuses for which he is charged.

On the other hand, he believes that it is not a matter of serious crimes, but believes that it is a crime of the normal degree.

The verdict is expected to be handed down on December 28.

In the clip, the prosecutor tells how the man was discovered by American authorities.