Known by the acronym of JCPOA, the Iranian nuclear agreement has been skating for more than four years with the absence of the United States in this treaty.

But following a video circulating on Twitter since Tuesday, tensions between Iran and the United States are unlikely to fall.

On this video, we see Joe Biden telling a woman: “[The JCPOA] is dead but we will not announce it”.

“But they are going to have a nuclear weapon,” added Joe Biden, known for his tendency to deviate from official language, especially during informal exchanges.

Without date or precise location known, this video shows the president, flanked by bodyguards, during an informal exchange with people standing behind a metal barrier, one of whom has his forehead girded with a headband in the colors of the Iran, in what appears to be a gymnasium or multipurpose room.

#BREAKING: @POTUS is asked when he's going to declare #Iran JCPOA dead and he says: “It is dead but we're not gonna announce it.”


— Jason Brodsky (@JasonMBrodsky) December 20, 2022

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"The president's comments are completely in line with what we are saying"

Elements of the decor as well as the president's clothing seem to correspond to a campaign rally in early November in California, during which Joe Biden came to support a candidate for the House of Representatives.

"The president's comments are entirely consistent with what we're saying about the JCPOA, which is not our priority right now," said John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council. , asked about the video during an exchange with reporters on Tuesday.

"We do not expect an agreement to occur in the near future," said the spokesperson, without however using the same final wording as Joe Biden.

The 2015 pact (JCPOA) offered Iran relief from international sanctions in exchange for guarantees that Tehran would not acquire atomic weapons, a goal that the Islamic Republic has always denied pursuing.

However, after the United States withdrew from the JCPOA in 2018 and the reinstatement of American sanctions, Tehran gradually freed itself from its obligations.

Joe Biden had pledged to try to resuscitate the agreement, but the negotiations started in April 2021 in Vienna are now at a standstill.


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