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In the spotlight: visit of the Ukrainian president to the United States

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a ceremony organized for Ukrainian soldiers mobilized in Bakhmout, December 20, 2022. © AFP PHOTO / UKRAINE PRESIDENCY

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In one, the 

New York Times

 qualifies the visit of Volodymyr Zelensky, this Wednesday, December 21, in the United States, of “ 


 ”: “ 

it will be the first time that the president leaves his country since the Russian invasion in February 

“, explains 

the newspaper

 on the inside pages, and” 

its first international appearance

 “, notes the 

Washington Post


Volodymyr Zelensky “

 to meet Joe Biden and address Congress


USA Today

list .

The goal is "to

 show that the United States will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes


In fact, when President Biden receives him “ 

at the White House for a long bilateral interview, 

” notes 

The Hill

, he will announce new security assistance of $1.85 billion.

This includes “ 

a Patriot missile battery to help Ukraine defend against Russian attacks on its infrastructure

 ,” the

Washington Post points out.

 Missiles that can 

destroy Russian ballistic missiles, unlike all other weapons supplied by the West

 ,” adds the 

New York Times


Still, according to 


, Volodymyr Zelensky and his team should ask for long-range missiles again, but US officials are not ready to provide them – lest Vladimir Putin, feeling provoked, use even more weapons. killers in Ukraine.  

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Peru-Mexico diplomatic crisis 


Mexican Ambassador to Peru Pablo Monroy declared

persona non grata,” headlines 



A decision taken because of comments made by Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador 

", on the imprisonment of his Peruvian counterpart and the imposition of a state of emergency, specifies 

La Republica


Remarks qualified by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Gervasi Diaz as " 

interference in our internal affairs, which thereby violates the principle of non-intervention


Hence this expulsion, described as “ 

unfounded and reprehensible

 ” by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, quoted in the Mexican newspaper 

El Universal

 : “ 

the conduct of our ambassador has been in accordance with the law and the principle of non-intervention 


Relations between the two countries began to strain when President Castillo was arrested when he was trying to take refuge in the Mexican embassy in Lima. 

And it was for Mexico that his family took off last night: his wife Lilian Paredes and his two children took off at 1:40 a.m. from Lima international airport, 

La Jornada

reports , on the same plane as Ambassador Pablo Monroy, heading to Mexico City.

Before that, they were refugees in his embassy, ​​says 

La Razon

, who speaks of an " 

illegal political asylum 

" granted by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The newspaper quotes a deputy saying that since the former first lady is being prosecuted for corruption, the Mexican president cannot grant her political asylum.

However, the Peruvian government did give her safe conduct, as well as her two children, so that she could leave the country, notes 


, “ 

in accordance with the 1954 Caracas Convention

 ”, explained the Peruvian Foreign Minister on Tuesday evening.  

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In Argentina, a crowd too big to celebrate the Albiceleste 

Five million supporters had taken to the streets, explains 

El Hincha

, to offer a " 

glorious welcome to Messi and the world champions

 " of football, writes 

Los Andes


The most impressive photo is on the front page of 

La Nacion

, for more effect the newspaper did not even put a title: a gigantic crowd of supporters, tight against each other and lost in the middle a car, itself drowned out by the crowd. 

El Ancasti

 speaks of a “

 collapse of security

 ”: “

 a multitude gathered to follow the caravan of footballers, who had to abruptly interrupt their journey to be exfiltrated by helicopter 


Fervor and chaos in a historic day

 ”, summarizes, always in one, 

La Voz


Chiqui Tapia, the president of the Argentine football association, regretted on behalf of the


that she could not reach the Obelisk - the monument chosen as the point of arrival for the team (instead of the Palace presidential election, avoided so as not to politicize the event, writes

El Hincha


At the Obelisk, there have been incidents, reports 

La Nacion

 : police officers injured, supporters arrested, stones thrown.

In short, a day full of political frustrations for the government and President Alberto Fernandez, writes 

the newspaper 

: between the absence of the players on the balcony of the Casa Rosada, and the popular celebration which turned into overflow.   

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Canada sanctions two ex-ministers in Haiti 

Two former ministers – that of Justice, Berto Dorcé, and that of the Interior and local authorities, Liszt Quitel, have just been sanctioned by Canada for corruption, writes 

Alter Presse


Any assets they may have in Canada are frozen.

Toronto had already sanctioned eight political figures, writes the news site. 

The National

 recalls for its part that Berto Dorcé and Liszt Quitel had already been accused of cocaine trafficking or kidnapping.


Despite these scandals

 ,” the two men, the newspaper points out, “

were never indexed by the Haitian justice system and continued their political careers until they were banned from travel by the United States in October. last


They subsequently resigned from Ariel Henri's government.  


From a legal point of

view  ,” writes 

Le Nouvelliste

, “ 

the ideal would be – and Haiti would gain from it – that we go, after the sanctions, to legal proceedings to lead to convictions or acquittals


Moreover, “

 if the sanctions have had the effect of an earthquake within the political class and the private sector, it would be naïve to claim victory.

Mafiosos know how to turn their backs 


And the journalist to call for "

 a real popular movement, not anarchist, but progressive, enamored of the ideals of social justice, of the effective fight against corruption, to outdo the mafia in the ballot box


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