A Christmas message from the Bautzen District Administrator Udo Witschas on the accommodation of refugees provokes criticism.

In a video published on Facebook on Tuesday evening, the CDU politician said, among other things, that refugees in the district should not be housed in gyms or in decentralized accommodation.

"It is not our intention to let sports, whether school or leisure sports, bleed for this asylum policy," Witschas said in the video.

In addition, the district office does not want to pursue the path of "accommodating people who come to us, who do not know our culture, who do not know our regulations, here in apartment buildings and vacant apartments and to accept the threat to social peace". .

The district office does not want to go down these paths, said the CDU district administrator.

In the past few days he has received numerous inquiries from Hoyerswerda, for example, where there have recently been talks about central refugee accommodation.

However, the district council rejected this.

Criticism of Witscha's message comes from Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left): A CDU member explains to the citizens why people seeking protection are not allowed to enter an empty apartment and then wishes "merry Christmas".

"He didn't understand the Christmas story!

Really not!” Ramelow tweeted.

Left-wing politician Caren Lay described it as unbelievable how the district administrator fueled the fear of asylum seekers instead of taking an offensive stance against the shift to the right.

The Bautzen CDU had already been criticized last week after the majority of the CDU in the Bautzen district council approved a motion by the AfD on refugee policy.

It was about integration services for refugees.