After the controversy, the complaint.

Bastien Vivès was put on the front of the stage by a controversy around the Angoulême comic book festival.

Now deprogrammed from the event, the cartoonist and author of comics is the subject of a complaint addressed to the public prosecutor of Paris, reports RMC.

It is the association Innocence in danger which is at the origin of the legal action.

Three offenses are targeted: dissemination of child pornography images, incitement to commit sexual assaults on minors and dissemination of violent messages to a minor.

It is not all of Bastien Vivès' work that is in the sights of the association, but three specific works, namely

La Décharge Mentale

published in February 2018 and

Les melons de larage

published in January 2011 as well as

Petit Paul

published in September 2018 by Glenat editions in the Porn pop collection, further specifies RMC.

The designer has often claimed his pornographic drawings and evoked his unfulfilled incest fantasies.

Several of his boards depict sexual relations between minors and adults or members of the same family.

Bastien Vivès apologized last Thursday for his most virulent remarks.

They will not have been enough to avoid a complaint.


Can Bastien Vivès really "give himself the right to draw everything", even child pornography?

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