When modern countries and civil and international organizations show special and growing interest in individuals with special needs, or people with different physical structures such as short stature, or fight racial discrimination and bullying, they did not bring anything new when compared to the great teachings of Islam that preceded them 14 centuries ago, as they contributed to raising human dignity. And overlooking his gender, color, and structure to his connection with his Creator and the extent of his contribution to the enrichment of humanity.

And we have a good example in the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, when he said about Abdullah bin Masoud’s two delicate legs that they are heavier to God than Mount Uhud, and when Bilal the Abyssinian gave preference to many of the elite of the people from the masters of Quraysh, or when he announced that Salman Al-Farsi - who was sold as a slave several times - From the family of his honorable house, so he said, “Salman is from us, the people of the house.”

In this context, this film, produced by Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel, and shown on its screen under the title “Under 147 cm”, sheds light on the Moroccan national football team for short players, and reviews the Moroccan state’s interest in them, their basic needs for training facilities and logistical support, and their participation. In local, regional and international tournaments.

Short stature team.. Flight procedures to Egypt

The administrators are preoccupied with the process of measuring the players' height, in a step to prepare the Moroccan team of short players who will compete in an Arab championship in Egypt, and directives are continuing for the players in order to obtain the best results in this tournament.

Osama Al-Saghir, a team spokesman, says: We are in constant contact with the technical management and Egyptian officials, to follow up on the latest health developments, but it must be kept in mind that the tournament can be canceled at any moment, as a result of the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic.

Short football teams all over the world, enjoying themselves as regular soccer players

Osama talks about his beginnings, saying: I grew up in this neighborhood and grew up in it. I started playing football hidden from my mother, who prevented me from going out for fear of me. Brazil's goal, in the meetings that took place between the two countries, it is a great pride, that was in the Copa America 2018, and Morocco was the guest of honor in that tournament.

“We must win.” A determination that breaks the walls of cynicism and ridicule

The short players take advantage of all the spaces, and train everywhere, but they face some ridicule and sarcasm from some ignorant people sometimes, and a lot of sympathy and encouragement from society in general, and most of the time.

As for each other, they are always mutually supportive, checking their conditions, visiting the sick and injured, and raising their spirits.

The way the shorts welcome their new player

They also persevere in exercises, and travel distances by taxi, in order to reach the stadiums designated for their training. Nizar Benqtaba, dean of the national team, says: We have to sleep early tonight, because tomorrow an important match awaits us against the ancients of the Royal Army, and we must win, but let us first taste the delicious dish of tanjia Which Shaaban prepared for us, then we think about meeting tomorrow.

“We will not be able to hold the match.” Higher orders disrupt the dream process

The next morning, the two teams attended, but the precautionary measures in the face of the Corona epidemic prevented the match from starting, and the coach of the Moroccan army veterans team addressed them, saying: We regret that we will not be able to hold the match, as the authorities have prevented that, and as you know we are all equal before the law, we will limit ourselves to taking Souvenir photos, then we leave, hoping to reschedule the meeting as soon as health conditions permit.

A memorial photo of the members of two teams of short stature in Morocco. The meeting between them was postponed due to Corona

The team wonders, saying: But everything was in order, and everything was fine until yesterday evening.

So what has changed?

The administrator of the army team replies to them: My friend, the ban came late, we cannot bypass it, and I promise you that I will come with my whole team as we came today, believe me guys, it is not about your short stature, God forbid, but it is the precautionary measures of the Corona virus, nothing but So, the law applies to everyone.

“All of our concern is honoring the Moroccan flag.”

The administrator Nizar is keen with the player Osama to solve the problems between the team members, and Nizar says: We are all one person, we cooperate with each other and resolve our differences with friendliness and understanding. And we must take into account the sanctity of the ten between us.

While their coach announced that this will be the last training session for the day, and he will arrange for the next meetings when the health ban is lifted, and he said: As you know, Ramadan is around the corner, and we do not know what the preventive arrangements will be in the month of fasting, but if things go well, we will meet in two matches on At least, we have a group breakfast.

After a year and a half of training and preparation, specifically in the middle of 2021, here are the members of the Moroccan national team for short stature, standing still, and they were unable to participate in the Arab Cup Championship in Egypt.

For logistical reasons, the Moroccan national team was unable to participate in the Arab Junior Championships, which will be held in Egypt 2022

Nizar says: We spoke with officials in order to provide us with logistical support, and we told them that all our concern is to honor the Moroccan flag by participating and winning, which is the covenant that we took upon ourselves a long time ago, and we provided them with all the necessary documents, so why does the travel ban continue until now?

Why is there no exceptional procedure that allows us to travel?

The Arab Cup.. Moroccan hope was aborted by the Corona pandemic

The Arab Championship was held in 2022 in Egypt, but unfortunately, the Moroccan team for short stature was not among the participants in the tournament, and the stated reason was the closure of borders and Corona procedures, “but the principle is that everything related to raising the name of the homeland in international forums must be found for it. A solution, otherwise how can we understand the participation of other teams from brotherly Arab countries?

Nizar continues, saying: We may have been a little late in submitting our documents to the Moroccan Federation, and yet the federation should have found a solution to this delay, and thank God in any case, but we do not lose hope, we train until the opportunity comes to prove our existence.

Morocco's underage football team is on its way to Peru to participate in the Copa America tournament

In a sincere fraternal gesture, there was a call from some Arab players participating in the championship held in Egypt to their Moroccan brothers, missing their presence with them in this sporting event for Arabs from Asia and Africa, and hoping to see them in similar demonstrations in the near future.

Copa America.. a dream-chasing journey in the highlands of Peru

In May 2022, the Moroccan team obtained visas to travel to Peru in order to participate in the Copa America, which will be held in the capital, Lima. They were drawn again with Brazil.

Player Osama Al-Saghir says: We will be one body more than before, and when we win, it will be said that all of Morocco won, and it will not be said that so-and-so won.

The team is doing continuous training in order to prepare for the tournament, and there are continuous instructions from the coaches and administrators, and the focus is on the unity and cohesion of the team, and suddenly a problem arose, as one of the team members did not receive the vaccine dose, and this matter will create problems for the team at the airport.

The team was able to overcome this problem, and now it is heading to the airport. The farewell moments are difficult, punctuated by strong feelings and prayers that the team succeed in its mission, and obtain the honorable results that raise the flag of Morocco high in the championship sky.

The Moroccan ambassador to Peru receives the delegation of his country's short stature team in their participation in the World Championship

In Lima, the capital of Peru, they were received by the Moroccan ambassador to Peru and the embassy staff. The ambassador promised to overcome all obstacles that might prevent their effective participation. The ambassador received thanks from the administrator of the team, who said: In the name of all of you and in the name of the national team for short stature, we thank His Excellency the Moroccan ambassador In Lima for the good reception and hospitality.

The team carried out preliminary exercises in the stadium designated for it, and it became clear the effect of lack of oxygen on the players, as it is known that Lima is one of the highest cities in the world above sea level, and thus the level of oxygen in the air is much lower than the normal rate for cities close to sea level.

Quarter-finals... An honorable achievement that raises the nation's flag high

After the team lost its first match against Brazil, it will play its second match against Guatemala. The atmosphere is good, and the performance is good in the first period of the match. The coach encourages them and raises their spirits, saying: “Keep your focus, and continue in the same way.” The match ends in a 1-1 draw.

The Moroccan national short-stature team qualifies for the quarter-finals of the World Championship in Peru 2022

Thanks to this goal and that point, Morocco qualified for the quarter-finals, and met with the Bolivia national team, and the team performed an outstanding performance, and tied with two goals in the regular time of the match, and the two teams resorted to penalty kicks, and luck smiled at Bolivia, so Morocco lost with honor, 2-3, and exited through the big door. For the championship, they returned home with their heads held high.

Arab teams can compete with the strongest international teams, and the Arab player does not lack skill or physical strength. All that is required is continuity and permanence, and the players emptying themselves for the goal for which they play, sufficient for themselves and their families, and providing qualified coaches, appropriate stadiums, and services that support their participation in the tournament. Local tournaments and international forums.