Argentinian Lionel Messi, who became the 'God of Football' after winning the World Cup in Qatar, is attracting attention as he enjoys the joy with his family.


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Messi, his wife and three sons smile brightly at the stadium during the final match against France.

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Messi's sons held the championship cup tightly with their small hands and kissed it.

His wife, Rokujo, released photos of the family sharing the joy of winning together, saying, "Finally, you are a world champion. I know very well how many hardships you have gone through for a long time and what you have gone through to achieve your dreams." revealed.

"I still can't believe it because I've dreamed and wanted it so many times," she said, thrilled, along with a photo of Messi lifting her trophy on her social media account.

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In an interview with an Argentinian broadcaster, he said, "I will not retire from the national team" and made the fans' hearts flutter.

Netizens said, "Messi has everything, including a wife who recognizes hard work and three brothers, Dad and Taiyaki."

“The one and only god of football!

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