Today, Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry welcomed the initiative put forward by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding holding a tripartite summit with the participation of Russia, Turkey and Syria to accelerate the diplomatic track between Ankara and Damascus, while stressing that it does not agree with Turkey on all issues related to the "claw-sword" operation in northern Syria.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said, in response to a question about Russia's position on the Turkish president's proposal, "We always welcome issues related to the normalization of relations between sovereign neighboring countries."

He added, "It is necessary to know the opinion of Damascus on this initiative, but such a position as shown by Turkey, we can only welcome it," noting that Syria's reaction to this initiative is not yet known, but the Russian news agency "Ria Novosti" said that Moscow is in contact with officials in Syria in this regard.

positive vision

Yesterday, Thursday, President Erdogan proposed to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, the establishment of a tripartite mechanism with Syria, and he said - in statements to journalists who accompanied him during his visit to Turkmenistan - that he presented the proposal to Putin, who expressed a positive view on it.

He explained that the Turkish proposal provides for a meeting between the intelligence services of the three countries first, followed by a meeting at the level of defense and then foreign ministers, then a summit at the level of leaders.

The Turkish president also confirmed that the "Sochi Agreement" and the "Astana track" stipulate that the safe corridor for Turkey on the southern border with Syria extends to a depth of 30 km, indicating that the international coalition forces in Syria are supporting the Kurdish "People's Protection Units", calling on all The parties - led by America - to cut off support for this organization, which he described as terrorist.

Erdogan had confirmed in late November that his country's relations with Syria "can return to normal in the next stage, as happened with Egypt, as there is no permanent rivalry in politics."

Russian consent

On the other hand, Kurdish media quoted Ilham Ahmed, the co-chair of the "Syrian Democratic Council" (the political arm of what is known as the "Syrian Democratic Forces"), as saying that she had information broadcast by the media stating that the Turkish president had obtained the green light from Putin. To launch a military operation against areas known as the "Syrian Democratic Forces" in northeastern Syria, but it did not receive confirmation in this regard from Moscow.

Elham Ahmed said that the "Syrian Democratic Council" looks with suspicion at the Turkish rapprochement with the Syrian regime if this happens, before the issue of the "Kurdish people" is resolved, as she described it, and that the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should not be at the expense of something. Known as the "Syrian Democratic Forces".

In another context, the Syrian regime's media outlets reported that Russian and Turkish forces conducted a joint military patrol yesterday, Thursday, in several villages under the control of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" north of Al-Hasakah, within the framework of the "Sochi Agreement" that was reached in March. March 2020.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense also announced the neutralization of 3 of what it described as "terrorists" of the "Syrian Democratic Organization" in northern Syria.

Local sources also reported to Al-Jazeera that the positions of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" in the vicinity of the town of Ain Issa and the (M4) road in northern Raqqa were bombed by the Turkish army's artillery.

The Military Council in Manbij, affiliated with the "Syrian Democratic Forces", which is led and dominated by the Kurdish "People's Protection Units", said that the Turkish army targeted the village of Tokhar Kabir in the eastern countryside of Aleppo with mortar shells, causing material damage.

Last November 20, Turkey launched Operation "Claw-Sword" against the People's Protection Units (the backbone of the "Syrian Democratic Forces") in northern and northeastern Syria, after accusing it and the PKK of masterminding a bombing on Istiklal Street in Istanbul that killed 6 people. dead, which the Kurdish militants denied.