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Tamara Falcó



love smiles again.

After the media break with the businessman Íñigo Onieva (33) last September, after videos of him

being disloyal

to the Marquise de Griñon at the well-known

Burning Man

festival came to light , Tamara Falcó is once again excited.

The news jumped this Thursday on

The Ana Rosa program


It was the collaborator Leticia Requejo who was in charge of

revealing the identity of the man

who would have made the sentimental life of the daughter of Isabel Preysler (71) give another 180 degree turn:

Hugo Arévalo

(40), a young man

from Madrid, a partner of Tuenti

and current executive manager of the Power MBA company, dedicated to finance and marketing, who would be

part of the group of mutual friends

that Tamara Falcó and her ex-boyfriend shared for years.

A detail that drew the attention of Ana Rosa herself when she stated that "this is not the first time this has happened: there is a break,

she is in a bad way and her friend is going to comfort her,"

the presenter stated.

The collaborator also explained that "they are both quite dedicated to the cause;

they are excited",

going so far as to say that

there had already "been a kiss",

although "it still cannot be labeled as a relationship".

And it is true that in recent weeks

they have been seen together

on Tamara's birthday and at the wedding of Khali El Assir, daughter of María Fernández-Longoria and Juanjo Franco, son of Francis Franco.

The first words of Tamara Falcó

A few hours after the news broke, the collaborator reappeared in

El Hormiguero

, a program in which she regularly collaborates.

Smiling, Falcó revealed that

"I have never lost my illusion.

What?", when asked directly by Pablo Motos (57).

"Allow me, Tamara, there is a rumor that runs through the land, sea and air that says that

you have recovered your illusion,"

said the presenter.

Juan del Val (52) and Cristina Pardo (45), Tamara's companions on set, acknowledged that they had seen Tamara especially radiant and happy.

"What has arrived is

very happy and that is real data,

that is journalistic," said Juan del Val.

And nothing stays there.

Although discreet about this incipient relationship, Isabel Preysler's daughter confirmed to

Diez Minutos

magazine that

"there is something wrong because we have gone out two or three times.

He is a man 10".

Likewise, she stressed that these meetings have been "like something more than friends."

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