Russian media reported that a major Russian automobile company will take over the operation of Nissan Motor's local plant, which has withdrawn from the Russian business.

According to Russian Interfax news agency and other sources, Industry and Trade Minister Manturov told reporters on the 9th that Russian automaker AVTOVAZ had decided to take over a plant operated by Nissan in St. Petersburg in western Russia. It means that

It is expected to start production next year.

Nissan decided in October this year to withdraw from the Russian business by transferring all shares of the local subsidiary that operates the plant to a Russian government agency for 1 euro, amid the prolonged Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to the Russian state-owned TASS news agency, new car sales in Russia from January to last month were about 550,000 units, down more than 60% from the same period of the previous year.

It is not clear how many cars the Russian side will produce at the plant in the future, but Industry and Trade Minister Manturov said he expects the situation in the Russian car market to improve next year. is.