This year, the Associated Press reported that 67 journalists around the world were killed while conducting coverage and reporting, and 375 were imprisoned.

The number of dead journalists increased by more than 40% from last year.

According to a report by IFJ, an international journalism association cited by the Associated Press, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, political and social unrest in Haiti, and violence against gangs in Mexico contributed to the increase in journalists' deaths.

The number of journalists who lost their jobs increased by 43% from 47 last year, and the number of journalists imprisoned increased from 365 to 375 last year.

Imprisonment of journalists was highest in China, including Hong Kong, and many journalists were also imprisoned in Myanmar and Turkey.

The IFJ and other media organizations have urged governments to take more concrete action to protect journalists and ensure freedom of the press.

"If (the government) doesn't act, those who want to stifle the free flow of information and harm those who seek to hold leaders accountable will be more emboldened," IFJ Secretary-General Antoy Belange warned in a statement.

The highest number of journalists killed this year was the war in Ukraine, in which 12 people were killed.

The IFJ said nine journalists were killed in the war in Ukraine, including American documentary writer Brent Leonard.

Terrorism by criminal gangs in Mexico and the collapse of law and order in Haiti also contributed to the increase in reporter deaths.

The IFJ noted that this year has become one of the deadliest years for journalists in Mexico in particular, making Mexico the most dangerous country for journalists outside the war zone.

It also warned of new threats to journalists in Colombia and continued dangers to journalists in the Philippines despite the new government.

(Photo = AFP, Yonhap News)