IUCN = International Union for Conservation of Nature, which evaluates the extinction risk of the world's wildlife, has newly added three types of abalone, which are known as luxury foodstuffs in Japan, to the Red List as "increasing threat of extinction". Designated as an endangered species.

The IUCN held a press conference in Montreal, Canada, where COP15, the United Nations conference to discuss the protection of biodiversity, was held on the 9th, and released the latest version of the "Red List" that classifies the risk of extinction of wildlife. .

Among them, three kinds of black abalone, mega abalone, and madaka abalone, which are known as high-class ingredients in Japan, were newly designated as endangered species as "the danger of extinction is increasing."

This is the second category of risk that is divided into three tiers.

According to the IUCN, overfishing, poaching, and global warming have caused the population of abalone to decline significantly compared to 40 years ago. I rated it.

Although the Red List is not legally binding, it is possible that there will be calls for the protection of abalone in the future.