“Viktor Anatolyevich feels terrible, he is very emaciated.

He didn't sleep for three days.

This is connected with the road, of course, and with the emotional component, ”she told TASS.

According to her, Viktor Bout is grateful to the American side for the respectful and noble attitude during the exchange.

“He said that he was grateful to the American side for feeding him.

I, he says, have not eaten so much in almost the last 12 years.

They treated him very nobly, with respect: he did not ride in shackles, not in handcuffs, they treated him very nobly, talked to him.

Everything was discussed, ”said the wife.

According to her, one of the prison employees bought clothes for the Russian for personal money.

During the exchange, the American side apologized to Bout for not having time to prepare his drawings and documents for transfer.

In the near future they should be handed over to the Russian embassy.

Booth himself previously said that first of all he needs to get enough sleep.

On December 8, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the exchange of American Brittney Griner for Russian Viktor Bout.

The plane with Booth landed at Vnukovo-2 airport.