A moment of reflection dedicated to the series!

Organized by the Havre cinema association, the 7th Le Havre meetings on series open their doors this Thursday until December 11.

On the program of this festival, neither competition nor market like at Séries Mania or CanneSeries, but conferences, debates, meetings and screenings around a theme.

What role does music play in serial creation?

How to film music?

After the future in 2021, these 7th meetings in Le Havre on series will be dedicated to music with the presence of Katell Quillevere and Hélier Cisterne, the creators

of Tomorrow's World

, the Arte series on the genesis of NTM, the team of


, the series in musical comedy mode of France TV.Slash or that of the spy comedy on aerobics of OCS




"The First Lady" or behind the scenes of the most thankless role in the world


"I thought it wouldn't be possible to adapt 'Rhyme Mortelle'," says Anthony Horovitz

Screening schedule:

  • Toutouyoutou

    with producer David Coujard, lead actress Alexia Barlier, director Julien Patry.

  • The World of Tomorrow

    by Katell Quillevere and Hélier Cisterne in their presence as well as that of Dee Nasty who will give a concert on Saturday evening, Amine Bouhafa composer of the music.

  • Reusss

    , series created by Jérôme Larcher and Catherine Segula in the presence of the producer, Elizabeth Arnac, the musicians Proof and Brave and the music supervisor Rebecca Delannet.

Program of discussions and round tables:

  • Eric Rochant 's Bureau des Légendes

    as seen by Benoît Basirico, director of Cinesik.

  • Succession


    Better call Saul

    , role and anti role of music.

    A performer's view of serial music, that of mandolinist Julien Martineau.

  • “What changes do series bring to the French media and political landscape?

    », by Anne Lorraine Bujon, director of



  • “What place for music in French series today?

    », with Rebecca Delannet, music supervisor, Elizabeth Arnac, producer of Reusss, the composer Eric Neveux and a producer of France Musique.

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