If we are talking about the logical and available in light of the capabilities and capabilities, then where is the dream in our conversation?!

A dream has to be about achieving something that seems far-fetched to be worthy of that description.

And if it is not a moment like the one that the Moroccans lined up in which our dreams will transcend all the ceilings, then when is the right moment?

The Atlas Lions have become the first Arab team to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup, not only with spirit and manly performance, or with determination and faith alone, but with all that, in addition to a team that we can truly place among the best teams in the tournament, according to quality factors.


Quite frankly, we are here to dream, to let our dreams go far, letting them ask a question;

Why doesn't Morocco win the World Cup?

A question that some may ridicule, and others put it in the category of exaggeration, but we repeat;

If that moment, with all its embodiment of the meanings of dream, hope, spirit and quality, is not the appropriate one for that, then when?

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Butterfly effect

In fact, we were not the first to ask this question, but it came first in the words of Walid Regragui, the coach of the Moroccan national team, who set winning the World Cup as a goal after skipping the group stage.

In fact, too, this was not the greatest thing the man said, but his interpretation of the matter after his criticism was the greatest lesson ever in the Arab World Cup.


What happened is that one of the journalists saw that his statements could put unbearable pressure on the shoulders of his players, similar to what happened after the statements of the coach of Algeria, Djamel Belmadi, who declared that his ambition was to win the World Cup, so his country was absent from the World Cup in the first place, and the results of his statements came Quite the opposite.


Here, Al-Rakraki possessed a logic similar to the effect of a butterfly, and something that could transcend its limits to extend its influence to a long range.

The Moroccan coach made it clear that he did not say that Morocco would win the World Cup, although he wished for that, but he only wanted to give that idea to the current generation and future generations. Are we trying to manufacture this image and deal with it as something that can happen?



The man implicitly admonished the journalist who asked him this question because he did not believe in this possibility, because the message that Regragui wants to convey is not only related to his team, but is related to the idea itself.

There is no Arab journalist, coach or player who may be fully convinced that an Arab or African team can win the World Cup, but the logic here says that if you participate in a tournament and you are convinced in your heart that you will lose, then you will definitely lose, but if the dream remains within you, For if it is not achieved today, then at least it will remain a goal that you strive for, and with the continuation of the effort, there will come a day when that becomes a reality, perhaps after twenty or thirty years from the first moment of faith, which will remain the spark with which everything began, despite all the cynicism that surrounded it. it at the beginning.



How many times have we lived with the football of Arabs and Africans and their sport in general, and how close were we to touching gold, until everything fell in the last meters?

Every time we realized that the problem was not in individual differences, nor in capabilities, but rather what prevented us from achieving was that we did not believe ourselves, we did not believe in our ability to fight these giants, and the greater the distance between us and them in our eyes, the wider it became on the ground.

The breadth of this distance makes us forget the axioms of the universe, which is that we are human beings and they are human beings. We can as they can, even if they are better than us in everything. There are things that do not depend on history and ancient details, as much as the rule in them is on the ground.

This is a fact that the Moroccans seem to have realized before the start of the tournament, and whenever they approached passing one step of the dream, they believed themselves, and they actually surpassed it.

In the case of Morocco in particular, this matter is not difficult, especially when you have a team that is all active in European stadiums except for 4 local players only, which means that you have already surpassed those when you became part of them and the differences between you and them dissolved, so what brings it back again when these people meet Stars coming from European stadiums and wearing their country's shirt?

Wasn't that supposed to double their strength instead of the other way around?


Non non, on te prend pas pour un fou @sosoboufal19, it's TOI qui avait raison.

La confidence, l'histoire était ÉCRITE.

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This is what the star of the Moroccan national team, Sofiane Boufal, realized, who is presenting a historical World Cup, and of course he does not present it by coincidence, but only because of his belief in the possibility of being historical.

Before the start of the tournament, Boufal said a text: “You may consider me crazy now, but if we pass the group stage, and this is what will happen, God willing, we will reach the quarter-finals and we will be the surprise of the tournament. Do you remember what Ghana did in 2010? We can repeat that in Diameter".


This spirit is contagious just like the spirit of defeat, and football is just like life, a psychological game, in which you can derive your strength from the facial expressions of your colleagues, and the opposite happens.

They are not phrases of human development, but sometimes the real secret is so self-evident, this group had faith in their own luck, and that's where it all began.

dream value

The beautiful thing about the story is that history is written before our eyes, and we will be witnesses to it and tell it to future generations. Here we will take a thread from what Rekragui said, and we will also say: Why doesn't Morocco win the World Cup?

We will say it without fear of the reaction, nor of the sarcasm that could be released if the Atlas Lions were knocked out in the quarter-finals, because the value of a dream derives from being a dream, and not from succeeding in achieving it at the end of the story.

"Glory be to all those who dreamed, whether they achieved their dreams or their steps stopped at the decisive scene," this phrase will remain a title for dreamers wherever they are.


When they told us the story of the rabbit and the tortoise in our childhood, perhaps they should have presented the other side of the story. If the rabbit succeeded in deciding the race in his favor in the last seconds with a difference in capabilities, this would not have diminished the value of what the tortoise did, it is enough for her to see herself crowned, even for a few minutes. , and believed that this could happen, and forced the lazy rabbit to give up his laziness.

If she wins, she reaches glory, and if she loses, she will gain a higher value called the dream, which remains the greatest value even if it is not achieved in the end.

But it would not be an option in the first place if it did not start without calculations, and greed for a goal that seems imaginary.

Imagine the ridicule the tortoise got when she stood up and said I'm here to challenge the hare to a sprint, maybe things are clearer now.

"Glory be to all those who dreamed, whether they achieved their dreams or their steps stopped at the decisive scene." This phrase will remain a title for dreamers wherever they are. The one who achieved his dream is someone who was not afraid of not achieving it, but rather had the courage to challenge everyone, knowing inside him that life is not rosy. And that the fall is possible, but he left himself with the dream until he saw it as a reality.

Here, we did not find a more suitable time than this to dream of the company of Morocco, because the story deserves to be completed, at least in our imagination.


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