Energy sobriety and the Festival of Lights, a paradox for the ecological municipality?

"The Festival of Lights is part of the city's DNA, for us it is really important to maintain it", supported the mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet, who also advocates energy savings for his city this winter.

This Thursday, these emblematic festivities of the capital of Gaul take place in a context of energy tension.

On site, two million visitors, 70% from the Lyon metropolitan area according to the town hall, are expected until Sunday evening, curious to discover the 30 works presented, including 17 new collaborations, with artists from France, from Spain, Italy or the Congo.

A 10% energy saving commitment

A field of fireflies, a cat from the metaverse, works of art that sing ACDC and Dalida… This year, poetry and humor are in the spotlight.

In the center, where a pedestrian area encourages night strolls, or in the Tête d'Or park, luminous works are installed everywhere, while buildings are transformed into giant screens.

But above all, no difference: Lyon "is committed to a sobriety plan", which aims "to reduce our energy consumption by 10% over one year".

"We have already started by regulating the heating temperatures (of public buildings), by lowering public lighting, including by turning off the night between 2 am and 4:30 am", explains the Lyonnais councilor.

"The Festival of Lights has a relatively limited consumption: the electricity bill is 3,500 euros", or only 0.1% of the annual electricity bill for lighting, "because the works are essentially based on LED technology”, “very energy efficient”, he says.

In total, the Festival's budget amounts to nearly 3 million euros.

And above all, "it's a popular, unifying moment", justifies the mayor, evoking an even more inclusive and accessible 2022 edition.


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