Incorrectly parked or disruptive e-scooters can now be displayed on a central website.

The providers Bird, Lime, Bolt, Tier and Voi have jointly created the website so that citizens can report disruptive e-scooters there.

This is possible in Germany for 130 cities, including Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Mainz and Wiesbaden.

Falk Heunemann

Business editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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With the site, it should no longer be necessary to look up the contact details of the individual providers.

The location, the reason for the disruption (e.g. vandalism or illegal parking) and the insurance number of the small vehicle must be stated on the page.

The providers would then try to “promptly process the reports”, they said.

The e-scooters were allowed in Germany in 2019, since then several providers in big cities have been courting users who want to cover short distances with the small electric scooters, usually for a fee of around 20 cents per minute.

For a long time, the e-scooters could be parked anywhere in the business area because they are legally equivalent to bicycles.

18,000 e-scooters in Frankfurt

After complaints from pedestrians and cyclists, Frankfurt has been demanding a special use permit for every e-scooter from the rental companies since the beginning of April.

Each of the five providers may distribute a maximum of 1,000 vehicles in the inner city area, and they may not be parked in several areas, such as on the Zeil, on the banks of the Main or in the ramparts.

Since the e-scooters have a built-in GPS tracker, users cannot end their ride in these areas.

At the same time, central parking spaces were created in the city center.

There are 18,000 e-scooters on the road in Frankfurt.

The RMV now also cooperates with the providers.

The regional transport association shows the nearest e-scooters on its RMVGo app so that passengers can use them, for example, to drive from the bus stop to their destination.

However, the costs for this are not included in the RMV ticket price.