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The waffle maker is popular with sweet tooths.

With this everyday accessory, you can make all kinds of more or less elaborate waffles according to your preferences, and according to the utensils sold with your equipment.

Note that some waffle makers have other functions, such as a toastie or panini maker, for example.

It's up to you to choose the ally of your kitchen.

The selection of the 7 best waffle makers to choose from in 2022:

  • Tristar 1200W: the best anti-scald waffle maker

  • Krups FDK 251: the best sturdy waffle maker

  • DOMO 1000W: the waffle maker with the best quality/price ratio

  • Tefal SW852D: the best 2-in-1 waffle maker

  • Bestron ASW217: the best entry-level waffle maker

  • Aigostar Rubik 30JVU: the best all-round waffle maker

  • Lagrange 019252: the best high-end waffle maker

Tristar 1200W: the best anti-scald waffle maker

This waffle iron is, indeed, very practical, because it is equipped with a material designed in phenolic plastics.

Result: it is more resistant to high temperatures and prevents cooks from burning themselves during handling.

Another notable advantage: it heats up very quickly, after only 5 minutes of preheating.

In 6 minutes, you are ready to enjoy a hot waffle.

This is mainly due to its power, amounting to 1,200 W. The icing on the cake, your equipment has a non-stick coating, which prevents any possibility of dough sticking to the device.

Finally, you can adjust the temperature according to your tastes, in order to have a more or less cooked waffle.

Most :

  • Excellent heating rate;

  • Anti-scalding material;

  • Non-stick coating.

The lessers :

  • The plates cannot be dismantled (no possibility of putting them in the dishwasher).

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Krups FDK 251: the best sturdy waffle maker

This waffle iron designed in stainless steel is very solid and has a correct power, at 850W.

Thanks to the depth of its plates, you will have the possibility of making crispy waffles on the top and melting as you wish inside.

In addition, no risk of sticking to the hob thanks to the non-stick coating.

Its little extra: its heat-insulated handle that prevents you from burning yourself when handling the device.

Finally, the warranty for this equipment is two years.

Most :

  • Non-stick coating;

  • Thermo-insulated handle;

  • Solid material.

The lessers :

  • Impossible to put the plates in the dishwasher

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DOMO 1000W: the waffle maker with the best quality/price ratio

This is ideal equipment for gourmets in a hurry.

With its very fast heating speed (3 minutes flat), you can make delicious preparations in no time.

Small additional bonus: this waffle maker has a 180 degree turning system, which allows you to evenly distribute your dough.

Result: you get golden waffles all over the surface.

You can adjust the temperature to choose your cooking.

Once your waffle is cooked, you will be notified by an LED light.

In addition, there is no risk of your waffle sticking to the plate, thanks to the non-stick coating. 

Most :

  • Good heating rate;

  • Turning system for even cooking;

  • LED light that warns of the end of cooking;

  • Non-stick coating.

The lessers :

  • Average power;

  • Plates cannot be removed.

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Tefal SW852D: the best 2-in-1 waffle maker

This waffle maker is suitable for both sweet and savory beaks.

Thanks to its removable plates, it gives you the possibility of making waffles like croque-monsieur.

Big advantage: unlike many of its competitors, its plates can be removed and placed in the dishwasher.

They are, moreover, non-stick, as a result: the preparation does not stick.

In addition, it is a very ergonomic device with well thought-out storage compartments.

Most :

  • Interchangeable plates;

  • Possibility of putting the plates in the dishwasher;

  • Ergonomic;

  • Non-stick coating. 

The lessers :

  • Little powerful.

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Bestron ASW217: the best entry-level waffle maker

This waffle maker is perfect for budding pastry chefs who do not want to invest a large budget in their equipment.

The latter allows, all the same, to make waffles of good quality, whose preparation does not stick to the plates, thanks to the non-stick coating.

The icing on the cake, your equipment has an automatic temperature system, so that your cooking is optimal.

Finally, fans of vintage decor will be delighted with this retro-looking device.

Most :

  • Little price ;

  • Automatic temperature system;

  • Non-stick plate;

  • Retro look.

The lessers :

  • Size of plates quite small;

  • Power a little weak (700 W).

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Aigostar Rubik 30JVU: the best all-round waffle maker

Do you like to vary the pleasures?

This waffle maker will fit you like a glove.

It offers you the possibility of making multiple preparations, such as sandwiches or waffles, because it has three different cooking plates.

Added to this is a very practical aspect: its plates are removable and can be placed directly in the dishwasher, for more comfortable cleaning.

If your kitchen is small, you will appreciate its compact size, it can be stored upright, taking up less space.

This model has an automatic thermostat to ensure excellent cooking.

Finally, its handles are equipped with optimal technology, which allows them to stay cool and avoid burns.

Most :

  • 3 hotplates for numerous preparations;

  • Removable plates;

  • Possibility of storing it vertically;

  • Automatic thermostat.

The lessers :

  • Average power (750 W);

  • No switch (you can only unplug the device);

  • No light to indicate cooking.

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Lagrange 019252: the best high-end waffle maker

This is very good quality equipment.

Thanks to its features, you will be able to choose the consistency of your waffle, but also the color of its dress by choosing the degree of cooking and browning.

Enough to prepare desserts worthy of a pastry chef.

Very practical, the indicator light and the sound signal will warn you of the cooking.

In addition, this model has three interchangeable plates (and removable for the dishwasher), in order to make several types of waffles.

The non-stick coating prevents the dough from sticking.

Most :

  • Possibility to choose the consistency and color of the waffle;

  • Interchangeable plates;

  • Possibility of placing the plates in the dishwasher;

  • Non-stick coating.

The lessers :

  • No off button on the waffle maker.

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What is the advantage of an adjustable thermostat for a waffle maker?

The adjustable thermostat allows you to choose the type of cooking of your waffles, soft or crispy, for example.

You will have more leeway on your preparations, especially the color of your waffles.

If your budget allows it, opt for appliances with a buzzer or a light indicating the cooking status, to prevent your waffle from being overcooked.

Why choose a multi-function waffle maker?

If you want to make several types of preparations, such as paninis, croque-monsieur, donuts, or even pancakes, know that there are all-in-one waffle irons, with several cooking plates for your various preparations .

They are generally more expensive, but very practical.

What type of accessories should be favored for a waffle maker?

Waffle irons can come with many accessories, including brushes.

These are used to oil your plate before pouring the waffle on it, so that the latter does not stick (in case your plate is not non-stick).

You can also benefit from trays designed to make other preparations, such as a special panini or croque-monsieur tray.

The thermostat, on the other hand, is used to control the cooking of your waffle. 

What is a rotating waffle maker used for?

It is a waffle maker with a turning handle, so that the cooking is even.

Generally, this type of waffle iron is found in the category of professional models and therefore a little more expensive.

You are now ready to choose a waffle maker that suits your culinary needs and your cravings for delicacies. 

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