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  • Moscow has been denouncing since the beginning of the week Ukrainian attacks on airfields on its territory, including two on Monday several hundred kilometers from the border between the two countries.

    Russia reported three deaths and two aircraft damaged in one such attack.

    kyiv has not officially admitted any responsibility.

  • Washington said Tuesday night "not encouraging" Ukrainian drone attacks in Russia.

    The United States does not want to supply long-range missiles to kyiv, fearing an escalation that could lead them to play a more direct role against Russia.

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the front, not far from Bakhmout, the main battlefield in the east of the country where the Ukrainian army has been resisting a Russian offensive for months.

  • Ukrainians continue to suffer power cuts, the day after a new series of bombardments on the energy infrastructure of their country.




War in Ukraine: US says 'not encouraging' kyiv to strike Russia


War in Ukraine: Zelensky visits his troops in the Donbass, Macron deemed too soft with Russia

06:46: Warsaw accepts German Patriot missiles

The Polish authorities announced on Tuesday that they would finally accept on their soil the Patriot missile batteries proposed by Germany.

Warsaw initially suggested sending them to Ukraine.

Germany had offered to deploy these modern American-made air defense systems on Poland's eastern border after the deadly fall of a Ukrainian missile in this region.

06:25: Zelensky back from Donbass

Volodymyr Zelensky was in Donbass on Tuesday.

The Ukrainian president broadcast three videos of him in this region, which Moscow claimed for annexation in September without controlling it.

"Eastern Ukraine is the most difficult axis (of the front)," he told soldiers on the occasion of Armed Forces Day.

“Thank you for your resilience,” he added before handing out decorations.

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Last night, Ukrainian military actions forced Washington to lip service to kyiv.

Drone attacks, not claimed by Ukraine, have indeed hit Russian soil since Monday.

Washington, fearing that the conflict will escalate even further, has reiterated that it is only providing Ukraine with "what it needs to be used on its sovereign territory".

The Americans have mostly said they "do not encourage" Ukrainian attacks in Russia.

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