The Biden administration of the United States is becoming more vigilant as the Chinese government is trying to accelerate the unification of Taiwan.

On the 6th, we decided to sell weapons equivalent to 428 million dollars, including replacement parts for fighter planes, to Taiwan, equivalent to 58 billion yen in Japanese yen, and notified the Congress.

The items sold from the United States to Taiwan include replacement parts for F16 fighter planes and C130 transport planes.

Regarding the Taiwan Strait, it has become normal for Chinese military fighters and others to fly over the ``median line'' in the wake of the visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Pelosi in August.

"This sale will enhance Taiwan's ability to respond to current and future threats," the Pentagon said in a statement.

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense "I sincerely appreciate the decision of the United States"

Since China is stepping up its military activities around Taiwan, it is common for the Taiwanese military to respond by scrambled fighter planes.

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense commented, "The parts to be sold are useful for the maintenance of fighter aircraft and meet the needs of operations and training. We sincerely appreciate the decision of the United States."