• Kevin Velleray, alias Kalash, will be tried this Wednesday in Paris, in particular for contempt, rebellion and involuntary injuries to police officers.

  • He himself filed a complaint for police violence.

  • The case, which dates from March 2019, has been adjourned numerous times.

The evening had started well.

On March 16, 2019, Martinican singer Kevin Valleray - alias Kalash - was invited to the Parisian stage of the Accor Arena by Canadian rapper Drake, for the time of a song.

It was on leaving the room at the wheel of his Porsche, shortly after midnight, that the night changed.

The man is suspected of violently attacking a BAC brigade after a car accident.

Nearly four years after the facts, and after multiple postponements, his trial for "contempt", "rebellion" and "unintentional injuries" on police officers is due to open this Wednesday before the Paris Criminal Court.

He claims to have been the victim of violence by the police.

That evening, going up the Champs-Elysées accompanied by his manager and a friend, the artist lightly collided with two cars – for which the situation was resolved without difficulty – then a third.

This time, the tone would have risen quickly.

Arrived on the spot, the anti-crime brigade decides to carry out a control of the Porsche.

It is shortly after that the situation would have degenerated.

On videos posted on social networks, we see the singer insulting the police while they tell him to put his hands on the hood, then try to handcuff him.

In their arrest report, they claim that Kalash “quickly” raised his voice and took “the public on the sidewalk to witness”.

If on the video, we distinctly hear him inciting passers-by to film while insulting the police,

A complaint for police violence

Similarly, the versions differ on what happened inside the vehicle itself.

According to the police report, barely mounted, “the named Valleray deliberately bangs his head against the right side window.

He claims to have been punched in the face by one of the police officers and to have suffered a taser discharge.

He also accuses the security forces of having strangled and insulted him.

Medical examinations carried out at the medico-judicial unit revealed a broken nose and a partial fracture of two teeth.

The manager of the artist also claims to have suffered insults from the police, and the third passenger was injured in the eye.

Shortly after the events, a complaint with civil action for violence by persons holding public authority had therefore been filed by their lawyer, Me Eddy Anerton.

The two proceedings were eventually joined, the court finding that they were inextricably linked.

It is also because of the complexity of the case, in which two diametrically opposed versions clash, that it was returned the last time: the magistrate had then considered that this file should be judged in a collegial way, and not by a single judge.

After four dismissals, the case could therefore know its final point this Wednesday.



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