Virginie Girod SEASON 2022 - 202306h01, December 07, 2022

Listen to the story of Sissi, Empress of Austria-Hungary, told by historian Virginie Girod, in an unpublished story in two episodes on the occasion of the release of the film "Corsage" (Ad Vitam) in theaters December 14.

Sometimes radiant, sometimes dark, Sissi has often been portrayed as a romantic or rebellious icon.

But it is her poems, long hidden from the public, that reveal the truth about her personality... In this episode of the podcast "At the heart of History" produced by Europe 1 Studio, Virginie Girod recounts the beginning of Sissi's life, little Bavarian who lives a pampered youth between Munich and the castle of Possenhofen.

But for the Wittelsbachs, melancholy is a real family disease... This story is a Europe 1 Studio production.

"At the heart of history" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast. 

Writing and presentation: Virginie Girod 

- Producer: Adele Humbert 

- Artistic direction: Adèle Humbert and Julien Tharaud 

- Directed by: Clement Ibrahim 

- Original music: Julien Tharaud 

- Additional music: Julien Tharaud and Sébastien Guidis 

- Communication: Kelly Decroix 

- Distribution and writing: Eloise Bertil 

- Visual: Sidonie Mangin

Subjects covered: Sissi - Elisabeth of Austria - Austria-Hungary - Corsage - cinema - Wittelsbach

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