Regarding the prosecution's investigation against him, Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung said, "It is something that should never be abused by state power as a means of political retaliation and political elimination by manipulating after setting a target."

Representative Lee said at the Supreme Council meeting held at the National Assembly, "I think the prosecution gave acting guidance for Nam-wook to act."

Then, in an interview last year, lawyer Nam-wook said, "I stabbed him for 10 years, but the seed didn't work," and then, in a recent trial, he said, "'officially' the seed didn't work." Change it to 'Cr', I'm hearing 'Cr Lee Jae-myeong'."

Regarding this, Attorney Nam refuted, saying, “I am so sorry that the person who cast pointed out the ‘foot acting’.”

Attorney Nam said on the way to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office today (7th) afternoon, 'Isn't the prosecution giving Nam-wook acting guidance?

This is how he answered a reporter's question about his position on CEO Lee's remarks that the prosecution's directing ability seems to be very poor.

Attorney Nam also added, “But this work is not a movie, it is a documentary.”

The remarks of CEO Lee Jae-myung and Nam-wook, respectively, were captured in the video.