Baba, representative of the Japan Restoration Party, held a meeting with Prime Minister Kishida to fundamentally strengthen defense capabilities. I handed over a proposal to include such things and to increase the defense budget.

While the government is considering revising the "National Security Strategy", representative of the Japan Restoration Party Baba met with Prime Minister Kishida in the Diet on the 7th and handed over the party's proposal.

In the proposal, regarding the "counterattack capability," which strikes the enemy's missile launching bases, it is natural that possessing the capability to directly attack a hostile country in the event of aggression is recognized as a self-defense measure under certain conditions. points out.

On top of that, it is said that the target should include the command center, communication facilities, radar, etc.

Regarding the increase in the defense budget, it is essential to raise it to 2% of GDP, and we should not easily rely on tax increases to finance this increase.

Prime Minister Kishida replied, "There are many points that can be used as a reference in the proposal."

At a press conference after the meeting, Baba said, "I highly appreciate Prime Minister Kishida's idea of ​​listening to the opinions of political parties and incorporating their good points. Diplomacy and security are major issues that should be tackled on a bipartisan basis." I was.