, Hong Kong, December 7th (Reporter Wei Huadu) This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the accounting firm Deloitte China in Hong Kong. Deloitte recently announced the launch of the "Dynamic Hong Kong-Inspire Young Talents" talent development plan, hoping that in the future Train 10,000 Hong Kong middle school students in 5 years, help them understand innovative technology and business trends, broaden their international horizons, and become outstanding talents.

  Zeng Shunfu, CEO of Deloitte China, said that the above-mentioned plan will have interactive online learning courses to introduce the international and Hong Kong market overview and development trends, business finance and technology knowledge to participating students, as well as the knowledge surrounding the construction of Hong Kong's "eight centers" .

In addition, during major holidays, they will also be taken to visit Deloitte offices in various parts of China, and study tours to Deloitte universities in Beijing and overseas, so as to understand the local culture and broaden their horizons.

  Zeng Shunfu said: "Deloitte has the advantages of a huge market network, profound market insight and leading technological knowledge. In addition to participating in the SAR government's support talent plan, this time it also launched the 'Vibrating Hong Kong - Enlightening Young Talents' plan. I hope Contribute to the cultivation of young talents in Hong Kong and establish an influential future talent training platform to support Hong Kong's future economic growth and prosperity."

  He revealed that the plan has received support from relevant departments of the SAR government and is expected to start next year.

If it goes well, it is not ruled out that more places will be opened in the future.