"We are going to set up a fuel allowance for modest French people who need their car to go to work, so it's 100 euros for about half of households, it represents a discount of around 10 cents per liter" at the pump, said the head of government on RTL.

This device will have an envelope of around 1 billion euros, according to Elisabeth Borne.

“We are maintaining a device to protect modest French people who need their car to go to work by tightening this device,” she summarized.

The French concerned will have to go to the impots.gouv.fr site, enter their tax number and their license plate, fill out a "sworn statement" indicating that they need their car to go to work, in order to receive these 100 euros in their bank account.

This is aid paid in one go, for 2023, which will concern half of households, i.e. those located in "the first five deciles" of income.

As for the unemployed person who "needs to move to look for a job", he will be able to request aid from Pôle emploi, said the Prime Minister.

The state had extended its discount of 30 cents per liter at the pump until mid-November before going to 10 cents until the end of the year.

The government wanted to replace this discount with more targeted measures.

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