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Argentinian football star Lionel Messi has been accused of kicking a Mexico jersey.

While celebrating in the locker room after winning the match against Mexico on the 27th of last month, Messi was caught on camera in a motion that seemed to touch the Mexican uniform lying on the floor with his foot.

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The video spread through social media, and Mexican football fans criticized that "Messi openly ignored Mexico," and a Mexican congressman even proposed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to designate Messi as a "diplomatic avoidant person."

Diplomatically shunned persons are a concept like a blacklist, and if designated, they are expelled from the country or banned from entering the country.

As the controversy continued, Messi said, “It happened because of a misunderstanding,” and revealed his position that “I didn’t ignore the Mexican people, the uniform, or anything.” .

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Netizens commented, "It seems like a mistake, but even the designation of people to avoid? It seems that he was very upset about losing soccer."

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