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The principle of the oil stove is simple: it heats thanks to the combustion of the oil contained in its tank.

Mobile, autonomous, easy to use, it offers fairly fast heating power and real thermal comfort.

Although it does not in any way replace a main heating system in your home, it remains an effective backup solution.

However, beware of the sometimes disturbing odors depending on the model, especially when switching on. 

Selection of the best kerosene stoves to choose from

  • HFDASUENT Portable Kerosene Stove: A self-contained stove to take anywhere;

  • ZIBRO R LC-30 3000 Gray oil stove: ideal for auxiliary heating of a small room;

  • Inverter 7748 Electronic Oil Stove: for pleasant radiant heat;

  • QLIMA SRE7037C 3,700 Watts Electronic Paraffin Stove: Safety First;

  • 233 2200 W Line Plus wick oil stove: a practical battery-powered stove;

  • Tooland Powerful kerosene heater: a space-saving kerosene heater;

  • TECTRO laminar flow wick oil stove: an independent auxiliary stove. 

HFDASUENT Portable kerosene stove: an autonomous stove to carry everywhere 

With its round fiberglass wick, this kerosene stove brings you pleasant warmth indoors and outdoors.

With its weight of only 4 kilos, it is very easily transportable.

It works completely autonomously, without electricity.

This is an ideal stove in the event of a power outage!

On the top, it has a grill that can be used to heat water when camping, for example.

Really silent, it is a particularly practical auxiliary heating system. 

Most :

  • Compact ;

  • Light ;

  • Works without electricity.

The lessers :

  • No real precise heat control;

  • Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms. 

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ZIBRO R LC30 -3003 Gray kerosene stove: ideal for auxiliary heating of a small room

Sold with its trolley on wheels, this oil stove plugs into the mains, but does not require any evacuation.

With its 5.4 liter tank, it has an autonomy of approximately 65 hours.

It is ideal for heating a small area and has a very good performance.

Its 24-hour programmable timer allows you to choose the heating times.

Finally, thanks to its thermostat, you have better control over your consumption.

It is equipped with several security systems, for use in complete peace of mind. 

Most :

  • Mobile thanks to its wheeled trolley;

  • Functional ;

  • Programmable.

The lessers :

  • Odor on switching on and off.  

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Inverter 5728 Electronic Oil Stove: for pleasant radiant heat 

This electronic kerosene stove uses high-performance technology: the gasification of combustion.

It works by radiation, allowing a good diffusion of heat in the room.

Thanks to its booster function, it lights up particularly quickly.

It has an electronic thermostat and weekly programming.

It is equipped with an automatic cut-off system in the event of a problem. 

Most :

  • CO2 safety;

  • Energy class A. 

  • Efficient combustion gasification technology.

The lessers :

  • Odors on ignition. 

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QLIMA SRE7037C 3,700 Watts Electronic Paraffin Stove: Safety First 

With its Save mode, this kerosene stove saves fuel.

This automatic on and off system maintains the programmed temperature.

With its large 9-litre tank, this stove has good autonomy.

You will appreciate its LCD control screen for programming.

This kerosene stove makes safety a priority.

The top and side walls remain cool, even during the heating time.

The child safety function makes it possible to block all the functions, except that of on and off.

Finally, it is equipped with an anti-rollover system. 

Most :

  • Child safety;

  • Large 9 liter tank;

  • Anti-odor system.

The lessers :

  • A bit noisy. 

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233 2200 W Ligne Plus wick oil stove: a practical battery-powered stove

This kerosene stove works with batteries.

Quite compact (34.5 cm wide, 35.3 cm deep and 43.8 cm high), it fits perfectly into your home.

Quite light, with its 6.7 kilos, it is easily transported.

It can be used outdoors or indoors in a very well ventilated room.

It has a battery life of 13 hours.

Be careful of the grill, which is very hot during the heating time. 

Most :

  • Works without plugging in.

The lessers :

  • No wheels for transport;

  • Fairly strong petroleum odors during heating;

  • Do not use in an unventilated room.

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Tooland Powerful kerosene heater: a space-saving kerosene heater 

With its carrying handle, this wick oil stove is very convenient to carry.

Compact and fairly light (about 6 kilos), it can easily be used as a back-up heater.

It can heat rooms up to 18 m2.

It is sold with a spare wick. 

Most :

  • Easy to carry ;

  • Easy to use. 

The lessers :

  • Use in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors. 

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TECTRO laminar flow wick oil stove: an independent auxiliary stove 

Without connection and without the need for electricity, this oil stove is an independent auxiliary heating system.

It can heat a room up to 30 m2, thanks to a heating power of up to 2,100 watts.

With its CO2 detector, the device switches off automatically in case of danger.  

Most :

  • Good value for money ;

  • Autonomy.

The lessers :

  • Essential ventilation;

  • Odors.

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What are the different types of oil stove? 

The oil stove is a rather effective auxiliary heating system, chosen by many people to improve their thermal comfort.

There are different models of kerosene stoves:

  • Wick stoves.

    Inexpensive to purchase, the wick stove is a simple combustion stove.

    It is easy to use, but requires a little maintenance.

    The wick must be changed regularly to ensure that it works properly.

    These models do not have a thermostat.

    Watch out for the petroleum odors they give off. 

  • Double combustion stoves.

    Equipped with a second combustion chamber, they produce more heat and are more efficient.

  • Electronic kerosene stoves.

    They regulate the heating temperature.

    Often programmable, they offer better control of energy consumption.

    They are often less odorous than other kerosene heating systems.

    They operate on electrical power. 

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing your oil stove? 

To make your choice among the many models of existing oil stoves, you must, above all, clearly define your needs.

Would you like an easily transportable stove?

Can you plug it into the mains?

What surface do you want to heat?

So, before setting your sights on a model, consider looking at:

  • His weight ; 

  • Its autonomy;

  • The size of its tank;

  • Its heating capacity;

  • Its performance;

  • Its security systems; 

  • The presence, or not, of a thermostat. 

Really practical as auxiliary heaters, kerosene stoves can increase the temperature of an isolated room or delay the start-up of your main heating.

They are a rather economical solution and often have a fairly high heating power.

Remember to ventilate regularly, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. 

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