Recently, the health care in the county has received several small children who are infected with the RS virus.

To reduce the spread of infection, the children's clinic, children's health care and the infection control unit are now issuing joint recommendations.

- Babies are often infected by their older siblings.

To reduce the risk of getting the infection into the family, we now recommend families with infants to let siblings stay home from preschool, says infection prevention doctor Malin Bengnér in a press release from Region Jönköping County.

She emphasizes that this is a temporary measure for a few weeks to reduce the spread of infection.

Respiratory virus

The RS virus is a common respiratory virus that infects children before the age of two.

It is transmitted via saliva, mucus and small droplets during coughing and sneezing, among other things.

Babies can become seriously ill from the virus with breathing difficulties that may require hospital care.

- We prioritize the sickest, but take care of everyone who comes.

Right now you need to be prepared for the waiting times to be a little longer than usual with us, says Maria Ekelund as operations manager for the children's clinic at Länssjukhuset Ryhov.

Older children and adults usually get common cold symptoms from the RS virus, but older, frail people can become seriously ill from the RS virus in much the same way as with the flu.

In the clip below, Maria Ekelund explains when you as a parent should seek help for your child.

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In the clip, pediatrician Maria Ekelund gives advice on when you as a parent should seek help.

Photo: SVT