Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has visited the eastern part of the country, where the fighting with Russian forces continues, to encourage his soldiers.

On the other hand, President Putin of Russia is believed to have held a security conference and urgently discussed the response to the explosions that occurred at multiple air force bases, suggesting that he is taking the situation seriously.

President Zelensky visited the eastern Donetsk region on the 6th to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and encourage the soldiers.

Also, while taking a selfie in Slovyansk, an important base near the front line, he said, "The battlefield is expanding, the battle is getting tougher, and the price is higher." By entering yourself, it seems that there is an aim to raise the morale of the soldiers.

Regarding the eastern Donbass region, including the Donetsk region, Peskov, spokesman for the Russian Presidential Office, once again asserted on the 3rd that it was "part of Russia," and indicated the prospect that President Putin would eventually visit the area. , to preemptively enter the field and emphasize that it is Ukrainian territory.

On the other hand, on the 5th, a series of explosions occurred at air bases in central and southern Russia far from the Ukrainian border, and the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that Ukrainians used drones to attack parked military aircraft. did.

The base is believed to have been involved in attacks on Ukraine, and the Russian Independent Newspaper said in an article dated June 6, ``If the attacks were carried out by Ukrainian drones, it would raise questions about the reliability of the air defense system. Even in Russia, there is a view that it will be a loss for the Russian military.

On the 6th, it was reported that a fire broke out at an airfield in western Russia bordering Ukraine, and the local governor said that an oil facility near the airfield was attacked by a drone.

Under these circumstances, President Putin held a security conference on the 6th.

Speaking about the meeting, spokesman Peskov said: "The Ukrainian regime continues its sabotage, which is a dangerous factor. In view of this, the necessary measures are being taken."

It suggests that President Putin is taking the situation seriously as a government, suggesting that he hastily discussed with government officials in response to a series of explosions.