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Save 26% on Pokémon Violet, the new installment in the franchise.

Discover the new region of Paldea and freely explore this huge map to achieve your goal of becoming a Pokémon Master.


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Barely marketed,

Pokémon Violet on Nintendo Switch is discounted by 26% to go from 60 euros to 44.16 euros


This game benefits from Prime 24-hour delivery.

If you are not a member, membership is free for 30 days or 90 days for students.

This subscription includes various services such as Prime Gaming which allows you to recover games and cosmetics for free.

Discover the brand new generation of Pokémon in the region of Paldea which is inspired by the Iberian landscapes.

Explore a large map with various environments where Pokemon to catch coexist.

With one of the starters, push the doors of the most prestigious school in the region and experience great adventures.

The legendary creatures Koraidon and Miraidon accompany you in your quest to become a Pokémon Master.

Pokémon Violet is the best experience in the franchise between freedom of exploration and mechanics appreciated by players.

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26% off Pokémon Purple on Nintendo Switch

Immerse yourself in Paldea, an area with a variety of flora and fauna.

Put on your backpack and explore typical villages, green plains, sparkling lakes or burning deserts!

Catch this generation's brand new Pokémon like Pohm or Pâtachiot.

Select your starter from Poussacha, Coiffeton and Chochodile then go fight other trainers like the talented Menzi, your rival.

The teachers you meet on your way will share their knowledge of combat with you.

Pokémon Violet also allows you to play online to share beautiful moments of exploration with your loved ones!

Go through the game at your own pace and freely with three main stories offered.

This episode adds new gameplay mechanics like Teracrystalisation which makes your Pokémon sparkle to change the course of a battle.

Several other mini-games are available to vary the pleasures.

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