The four departments issued notification requirements

Further improve the government's procurement of agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas

  Our newspaper, Beijing, December 5th (Reporter Qu Zhehan) The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the National Rural Revitalization Bureau, and the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives recently issued the "Notice on Further Improving the Government's Procurement of Agricultural and Sideline Products in Poverty Alleviation Areas" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), requiring all localities to rely on the online sales platform for agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas (hereinafter referred to as "832 Platform") to further promote government procurement of agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas.

  According to reports, "832 Platform" is an online sales platform for agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas constructed and operated by China Supply and Marketing E-Commerce Co., Ltd. under the guidance of the above-mentioned four departments. Since its official launch on January 1, 2020, it has been adhering to the attribute of assistance , public welfare attributes.

As of October 31 this year, the cumulative sales of the platform have exceeded 30 billion yuan, helping nearly 3 million farmers in 832 poverty-stricken counties to consolidate their achievements in poverty alleviation.

  According to the "Notice", suppliers who apply to enter the "832 platform" should be market entities such as enterprises registered in the 832 poverty alleviation counties producing agricultural and sideline products, farmers' professional cooperatives, and family farms, with strong industry driving capabilities and clear goals. Mechanism of uniting agriculture and leading agriculture; the agricultural and sideline products sold by suppliers on the "832 platform" should be produced in poverty-stricken counties, meet the national standards for agricultural product quality and food safety, and have a significant effect on increasing the income of the poverty-stricken people in the region.

The platform gives priority to supporting green food, organic agricultural products, agricultural products with geographical indications, products that have obtained a certificate of compliance with the commitment of edible agricultural products, and products related to leading industries determined by the characteristic industry planning of poverty-stricken counties.

  The "Notice" clarifies that the agricultural and rural departments of poverty-stricken counties will establish an "832 platform" supplier review and recommendation mechanism in conjunction with the rural revitalization department. The revitalization department focuses on checking the situation of suppliers linking farmers with farmers and helping people out of poverty to increase their income. Departments such as county-level finance, agriculture and rural areas, rural revitalization, and supply and marketing cooperatives strengthen the quality, price, and Supervise and inspect the authenticity of the place of origin, sales volume, etc., and urge suppliers with problems to rectify.

The "Notice" requires the "832 Platform" to establish and improve price monitoring, quality supervision and user evaluation mechanisms, take measures such as interviewing and removing products from the shelves of suppliers with falsely high prices and unqualified product quality, and report to the relevant county-level departments Report.

  The "Notice" requires all localities to increase the connection between production and sales, further stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole society to participate, and encourage state-owned enterprises and state-owned financial enterprises that undertake the task of assistance to purchase agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas through the "832 platform", and all units to purchase poverty-stricken areas through the "832 platform" The work of regional agricultural and sideline products is included in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the unit's consumption assistance work.

  "People's Daily" (Version 04, December 6, 2022)