This time it should be about nothing but football, and the French distrust its exploitation as much as they do politics.

Even President Macron, who ran it four years ago until he won the World Cup in Russia and jumped off his seat in the stadium the second he triumphed, is a burned child.

He too won the title (the election) but lost the people.

Back then, the stars didn't celebrate with the fans, but with the dignitaries.

Now Macron warned against any instrumentalization of football.

After winning the first World Cup in 1998, she had fatal consequences in her own country.

It had been transfigured into the anti-fascist triumph of multicultural kickers.

Four years later they were eliminated in the preliminary round – three games, no goal.

France's interests and Qatar

France's interests, corruption, Sarkozy and Platini played a decisive role in the award of the World Cup to Qatar.

The football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is a subsidiary of the state-owned company Qatar Sports Investments and is involved in nasty affairs.

Your chairman and club boss Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Minister without portfolio in Qatar, threatens that the Prince Park Stadium will be abandoned if the city does not sell it to him for a ridiculous price of forty million euros.

In Doha he repeated the ultimatum - probably also out of anger at the socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who whistled against fan zones being offside.

The recent results of the national team - such as the end against Switzerland at the European Championship - gave little reason for arrogance.

Now "Les Bleus" flew into the desert without injured key players.

The millions at home who saw the game against Tunisia could not be expected to accept the defeat: when the score was 1 to 1, TF1 stopped the broadcast.

The compensation was visible - but not its annulment.

TF1 apologized, France lodged a protest.

The team doesn't lose it.

she wins

Their rebirth as a collective has a name: Olivier Giroud.

Tirelessly he fought his way back.

Benzema's injury catapulted him into the starting XI.

Giroud surpassed Thierry Henry's goals record against Poland in Sunday's round of 16.

"Giroud historical, Mbappé fantastic", headlined "Le Parisien".

The next highlight: France against England.

The ratings are excellent.

Just no politics!

That's good for the French, the politicized Germans have been out for a long time.