Drone strike on two bases in central Russia: Moscow designates kyiv

A Russian Tu-160 strategic bomber at Engels Air Base near Saratov in 2008 (illustration photo).

AP - Misha Japaridze

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It took ten hours for the Russian Defense Ministry to explain what happened on Monday morning.

kyiv has claimed nothing, but it is Ukraine which is responsible for strikes via mysterious drones on two important air bases in the center of the country.


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From our correspondent in Moscow,

A double symbol: these two bases are located hundreds of kilometers from the Ukrainian border, much deeper inside the country than the targets so far reached.

Above all, they are not only the place of departure for Russian long-range aircraft.

Engels-2 airport in the Saratov region also houses part of the Russian nuclear deterrent.

Such a scenario was unthinkable until now and, on Tuesday, December 6, the Russian press is wondering how it can be possible that the Russian warning system could not prevent such a long overflight of the territory.

As of Monday morning, certain ultra-patriotic Telegram channels did not hesitate to make the comparison with two shocks: the assassination of

Daria Douguina

, the daughter of the ultra-conservative intellectual, last August, and the strikes on the

bridge from Kerch

, in October.

This bridge, Vladimir Putin is precisely

shown this Monday


Not a word on the other hand on the two air bases.

The president regularly receives information on what is happening

”, that is what the Kremlin spokesman confined himself to indicating.

As during the Covid crisis, the Russian president is keeping a distance, with the same tactic at work: placing all the responsibility on the lower echelons of power.

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